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The Case for The Universal Assembly of the Humanion

From Humanics: The Foundation: It is an impossibly difficult, painful and heart-wrenching time that the world and the humanion are faced with today. If one takes a look at a space of, say, last twenty years, than one would find that the world has been progressively becoming a more dangerous, more lawless and more jungle-like place. International law has become an obsolete phrase. It is literally the law now: save yourself. However, it all started with the collapse of the old Soviet Union that suddenly put the world’s existing, albeit, tension-strewn equilibrium into a hole where it simply got lost and disarrayed. United Nations began to become weaker and weaker in which process USA for some impossible reason began to show the tendency that it could take over the world policing so declared George Bush to make the United Nations an ‘irrelevant body’ which is what happened to the United Nations. Effectively, this world body that acted as the main source and origin of international law has been made into a ‘dinosaur’ organisation. However, the recent events across the globe that are taking place at this very moment should establish the following facts, loud and clear:

A: That the United States or any other individual government no matter which it is, can not replace United Nations.

B: That the United States simply cannot act nor can it organise, assert or impose its will to the world or any particular nation. Nor can any other such as Russia or China or India or Britain.

C: That the world continues to become more and more dangerous and lawless unless there is a Universal Body for the whole Humanion is here to foster, support, promote, work for and guide the world towards law, order, equality and fairness between peoples.

D: That the European Union alone cannot deal with any of the sudden problems of migrants/refugees that are now threatening its borders:security etc.

E: That all the major issues of today that we face in this world: trafficking of humans, children, women, migrants, refugees, illegal weapons, drugs, medicine and human organ business, servitude and slavery, maltreatment, abuse and exploitation of migrant workers, state-sponsored slavery, inequality between humans, inequality between genders, violations of human rights, wars, famines, states being non-existent as well as all infrastructures being crushed, lawlessness, violence, rule of power:might:arms by groups bringing anarchy, no support network, criminals taking up challenging the entire so called legal bodies including the states, piracy, abduction, murders, robbery, rapes, violence and maltreatment and subjugation of minorities, poverty, lack of education, lack of housing, lack of employment, lack of medication, lack of all provisions, lack of support for the vulnerable such as the elderly and people with disabilities, conditions and states that are essential for life, living and human dignity are disappearing, cruelty, brutality, barbarism and bestiality in the manner in which these expressions of evils or anti-humanity is exercised, perpetrated and promoted, inequality in trade and commerce, inequality and unfairness in the global business arena, giant corporations, though, legal in countries where they operate, becoming more powerful than even states and thus dictating terms of reference in whatever fields they operate on, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon etc and more, so that people are simply shepherded into their prowess, United States is enjoying the benefits of simply having its currency dollar becoming a pseudo world currency while the world could, should, ought to and must have an international currency of its own, the national economies such as China, India, Brazil and more are becoming so huge that should they go downhill the entire human economic and financial structures might come undone in which case there is no world body that would be there to help humanity not to fall into a dark night of anarchy and suffering. In short, this is an immediate list of our troubles.

The intermediate is the list where no particular country or state can do anything yet must there be action in the front of safeguarding the earth, lives and ecology of the earth be maintained, life forces, all living species must be protected, environment including historic must be protected, the forests and green lands and spaces must be protected, rivers, lakes, rivers and waterways must be kept clean and safe, the oceans being kept clean and safe and the shores are kept clean and safe, aviation and marine travels must be maintained and done within international laws, businesses must be conducted with a clear commitment and determination to support these goals for the whole earth and the humanion. The states whichever they are are kept under scrutiny so that they do not become lawless monsters, that human rights and rule of law is enshrined in real life and living, that a culture of universal humanity in humanionhood is established, that the old political philosophical approach to so called sovereignty of nations or countries that is absolutely outdated is abandoned in the principle that in this Universe no one and nothing is, can or shall be sovereign except God. People, who do not believe in God, simply the first part of the statement is enough). And replacing that with this principle that each nation of earth will have its territorial integrity respected by international law but no nation is independent of the rest of the human race and cannot act against international law, custom, culture and beliefs of the humanion, that no one can violate human rights, kill people, imprison people or dissidents, minorities, political opponents, use extra and ultra-judicial powers to suppress people and democratic rights and so on. And the stop of murders by states in the name of death penalties. This is an infinitely important task that the humanion must take. We do not have the right and cannot and do not have the psychological mechanism, power and skills to take on the power of destroying that what we did not create. We simply cannot kill. With or without legal support. Period. In we are included peoples, individuals, organisations and bodies no matter which these are! No death penalties.

In the longer term, space exploration, space research, space travel, space tourism, space utilisation for advantageous purposes must be done within the framework of universal law: all that is done beyond earth must be done with a view to continue to protect the earth, the solar system and ensuring the space is not becoming dangerous because of careless usage, that all and everything must benefit the entire humanion and all its members. These are things we have no one to really think about. And add to this the absolute necessary work of nations doing the hard work of reconciliation among and between their peoples so that past and historic events/issues are resolved so that the future is not clouded and bloody with the shadows of the past ( in the Americas that means initiatives between the European settlers ad the original American peoples, in Australasia it means work between the European settlers and the original Australasian peoples, in China it means a plethora of nations/peoples must resolve their issues between them, in Russia same goes and this applies to almost all nations on Earth).

That the scale of dehumanisation of all fronts in society, in markets, in technological avenues and means and all other spheres of life is fought back with Universal Education being the roles and responsibilities of not the national governments but the Universal One. And Nations must work together to reconcile their past, between the colonial rulers and the colonised nations, between and among nations who have disputes; work must be undertaken in these areas. These works, not seen as important or urgent; yet these are the fabrics that would strengthen the cloth that humanity wears so that ties are strong and bonds are steely among the peoples of the Humanion.

And after all this do we hear any single world leader, any single country out of this entire earth raising their voice and saying: it is time to revive and reorganise the United Nations for all problems, difficulties, challenges, dreams and aspirations of the entire humanion depends on such a Universal body: the root, origin and source of law, equality, fairness, human rights, democracy, rule of law, fair dealing, business in good faith, exchanges and co-operations between sciences, technological and medicinal knowledge and know-how, and most importantly, the humanionhood among the peoples of the humanion, humanionhood is the equivalent word for brotherhood/sisterhood/fraternity except this includes all humans.

The time for individual states establishing old style colonial power base subjugating people is no more. It simply won’t work. Russia or America or China or India or Brazil or France or Italy or Spain, or Britain or any other nation simply cannot assert and impose its will to the rest of the world because it will simply bring chaos, death and destructions. Each individual in each nation has a duty to steer their government away from this mentality. The former ‘glories’ of the past belong to the past; a nation cannot be enslaved by the past. A nation, a people must always remain rooted in the ‘now’ by remaining rooted in the future which resides in its dreams, aspirations and visions all of which should tell all nations that we reside in what is light, lit and luminous.

And the world, the way things have developed needs to be in peace ( which is an existential necessity for humans both singly and plural) in order for things to go on: business and commerce to take place, technological works to advance, research and education may prosper, problems may be attempted to be solved, tourism to take place, travels in roads, skies and oceans and waterways and in space can be made in peace and within legal framework and protection and so on and so forth. Nothing of this can take place unless there is law and law and order and due process of law. We are talking about international law. The United Nations seems to have had its day like the League of Nations. It is now high, high, high time that the entire Earth, the Entire Humanion have a new agency, a An Assembly of the Humanion, equivalent to a state, of the entire Humanition with its jurisdiction covering the entire human race, the entire earth and the space and beyond and all the nations and states are within its structures so that everyone follows its laws. The humanion is analogous to a human physiology in which we have individual cells working together whereby similar cells coming together making tissues which in turn get together and form muscles that in turn form organs that in turn form systems that in turn work together under the guidance, leadership and wisdom of the mind and brain. Humanion is such an entity where each individual human is such a cell and all of us makes the body of the Humanion. We cannot exist singly and our moral imperative is to work jointly, together, in unison so to ensure the individual could exist, live and prosper doing the same for the whole while the whole exists to ensure the singularity of its members are supported, fostered and empowered.

Such an organisation can be truly called The Universal Assembly of the Humanion over which there is no one: those who believe in God, over it is God and those who do not, over it is humanity in general. There is not, can not be, shall not be, ought not be, must not be any force. Force does not form part of humanity but rationality and the choice of free do which is to guide us within the framework of laws and reasons. So long we are involved in wars and physically fighting each other, exploiting each other, subjugating each other, depriving each other, forcing each other, dominating each other, prohibiting each other, letting a lot of us live and die in hunger, in homelessness, in malnutrition, in joblessness, in illiteracy, in lack of medicine and provisions that are essential for human lives we must treat ourselves as UNCIVILISED that we have so far failed to make ourselves civilised for children are dying of malnutrition, women are being bought and sold and trafficked around the world, people are dying of preventable illnesses while there is medicine for it. Our sole aim must, therefore, be to CIVILISE ourselves. Get humanity out of this inhumanity into a true civilisation.

The Universal Assembly of the Humanion is the rightful body to be able to command and establish its will, which is the will of the Humanion, over the people it is designed to assert itself over: asserting means asserting the rule of law and due process of law. And to set it up we must go back to the drawing board and forget about the old fashioned way of looking at things. Imperial powers, colonial powers, first, second and third estate or the rest must be abandoned for no big power can solve the problems the human race is facing today, tomorrow or the day after. If they cannot solve these problems themselves than they should just abandon the old-dated, failed politics and start afresh.

There is no qualitative difference between, the Maltese as a nation and the Chinese as one, number is a quantity not quality. There is no particular qualitative difference between America and France or Germany and Russia. All the humans that form these nations are simply the same humanity, albeit, speaking different human tongues, that operate by the same reason and ration which human brain does, who are simply placed at different parts of the earth. Each nation of the humanion gets a seat at the Assembly and there is no such thing as veto power. It must be established on a democratic philosophical base, structure, footing, ethos and culture.

Structures of the Universal Assembly of the Humanion

A: The Universal Assembly

This is the theoretical:hypothetical presence of the entire human race. Each nation of the Humanion has Four Seats in this Assembly. This Assembly shall acquire large enough a space donated by a nation where it will establish its offices. This place is going to be treated as a different country and would be treated as such so that it is not under any particular country’s Jurisdiction or power whatsoever. This Assembly would be comprised with Four Houses:

The House of the Guardians: The Upper House

Nations send one member to sit at this house permanently, based in its headquarters, who are not elected in the ordinary sense. These members are not political and are not elected the way MPs or Congressman or women are elected. The National Parliament as a whole would agree, without party politics, on a list of ten people out of their entire nation who they deem to be the most wise, who have done impossible things for their people:for humanity and who are absolutely respected by their nations. The Parliament then organises a Selection and ask the nation to select, not elect, one individual out of the ten to become the Member of The House of The Guardians or The Upper House of the Universal Assembly of the Humanion. These people whose names have been proposed shall not take part in any electioneering and only the National Parliament would act promoting and conducting the business of this election, not the Government. All the nations send their members to the Upper House this way. They Act like an Upper House of any National Parliament, except they have no political party line. The whole upper house in its full session would elect unanimously one member to be The Universal Guardian who would effectively be The President of the Entire Humanion who would head ‘the state’ of the Humanion.

The House of Nations: The Lower House

This house is like the American Congress or the British House of Commons. Each Nation send one member to sit at this house. These members are directly elected members of each nation. How will they be elected? At the General Election, Members of Parliament, each Party’s Leader would include the name of a second person who is in his:her opinion:judgement as good:if not better than the leader so that in the event of the leader being unable he:she can become the Prime Minister, who would be the member of the House of Nations should this party becomes elected. They serve a five year term. In effect, this member of the House of Nations, a parallel and equal Prime Minister:Chancellor:Chief Minister of that nation, who does not take executive lead on his:her National Government but acts as such in the matter of the Universal Assembly of the Humanion. The National Government cannot disqualify, call back this member but the people of that Nation could. The Nation could recall this member if he:she fails in his/her duties. This they could do simply by gathering together and starting a petition to which people sign. If 51% of the members of a Nation sign on this Recalling Petition which shall be housed at the National Parliament, the member resigns and the nation elects a New Member to replace him/her. The whole house in its full session unanimously elects a member to be the Humanion Premier effectively becoming the Prime Minister of the entire Humanion and taking executive leadership of the ‘government’ of the Humanion.

The Humanion Exchequer House

This is the third house of the Assembly. This is the house that is responsible to all the financial:fiscal:monetary:trade:currency:taxation etc. For this Universal Assembly of the Humanion is not going to be a toothless body. It will have its own Universal Central Bank, with its Universal currency, say, Humana, that will replace dollar or any other currency from the international trade and commerce. This Body is not a joke and does not run on the mercy of national governments.

How will we have the best people taking seat in this House? Let the Universities of each Nation, the Business and Commerce, National Banks, Stock Exchanges, National Banks propose names to a list that the National Parliament would organise. Once all the best possible thinkers of economics, business, banking, world trade and so on and are included in this list the previous well reputed chancellors who had already served their national government and worked for world bodies. The National Parliament then makes a final list of ten people who they then put to the people to select in an election in which these nominated people do not take part in campaigning. No political parties promote or oppose them. The National Parliament is the body that holds this election. These members take part in this third House of the Humanion Exchequer House. In its full session this house would unanimously elect a member to be the Humanion Chancellor of Exchequer effectively the Chancellor of the entire Humanion

The House of Judiciary

This House is the Judiciary House of the Assembly. This is simply not an elected or selected or nominated body. Rather, the last retired Chief Justice or whatever title they hold, of the highest court of each Nation should automatically be sent to sit at this house. They serve as long as they live. They, however, can voluntarily resign should they feel being unable to conduct the duties so to leave the seat vacant for a more effective member be sent.

This house would at its full session unanimously elect a Judicial Guardian effectively the Prime Minister of the entire Humanion for law, law and order and due process of law, establishing, enforcing and fostering international laws, ensuring that all national governments, international bodies, businesses, organisations and individuals all following, practising and abiding by the same law that applies to all equally. Under the direct control and leadership of this body would be managed The Humanion Goodwill Force which shall be formed by each member states of the Humanion donating twenty per cent of their all forces, the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Police, excluding, the so called Secret Service, which should be utterly and completely destroyed. These forces are given to the Assembly and it will call them as and when it requires them. When a request is made the National Government simply comply to it immediately. The Assembly shall pay these forces as and when it is using them. Other times the national governments maintain them as they normally do.

All these houses have a five year life span where the members are elected by various means except the House of Judiciary where members are not elected/selected/nominated but predetermined.

These four Houses sit together as one house four times a year, beginning of each season.

Then each of these houses sits every day of the working week of the entire year and run the Universal Humanics of the running and management of human affairs. However, its Administration must be open twenty four seven. Humanics is when there is no adversarial politics involved in running human affairs; rather it is run as if it is a branch of knowledge albeit, practical and that impacts on real people’s real lives instead of a few controlled variables in a laboratory and all who are involved in it are doing so because they believe it is possible to solve problems and foster and apply ration and higher reasoning to all human affairs.

This body is truly a Universal Government which shall have moral as well as political, we would call it humanical and judicial authority for the fact that members were elected in various ways and those who are predetermined are so by virtue of their specialism in which they have already spent their entire life in the field.

There is no membership fee for the members of the Assembly. No member state pays any membership fees other than donating twenty per cent of their national forces to the Assembly. This Universal Government would have its own source of money because it has its own Central Bank. How would the Central Bank Work? It has no asset? No Wealth?

Who says that? This Assembly has the entire God’s Universe as its Country and thus the entirety of it is not owned but as the Humanion being the custodian, is taken on trust:covenant so that it can be utilised, without harming it, as asset for the betterment, benefit of the Humanion, of the Earth and the Universe.

It has got the entire wealth of all the nations under its belt.

However, we propose a different economics: humanics is where the gold/diamond/sapphire/kohinoor is no metal, no stone, no jewel but people. The Universal Central Bank would treat each child of the entire humanion at a given time under sixteen as its highest jewel:diamond:wealth and each child would have a value to his/her being human, say, 20,000 humanas, equivalent to dollars. And each adult will have a humana value of 10,000 humanas. Time that with the total number of human children and adults and let the Universal Central Bank declare that it has an asset of these many trillions of billions humanas that would be multiplied by the total hypothetical price of the entire Earth and the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe and let it print money as and when it needs out of it.

This total asset will increase as the number of the population of the race increases. This Humana will become the Universal Currency that will eliminate the dominance and unfair advantage of the dollar and poor nations won’t be disadvantaged because they were forced to use the dollar. This bank can borrow, lend and invest. Most importantly, this bank will support and foster poor countries and their governments in infrastructure building projects and vital projects by investing in that government in the way of buying their government bonds in the lowest possible interest so that they have access to money with the lowest interest whereby the Assembly can effectively foster positive and definitive change without the debauchery of the world bank and International Monetary Funds or to be at the mercy of the volatile market and lenders who would jump and kick at someone when they are down.

How might this work? It will work absolutely fine for the best brains of the entire human race are engaged in running this project. There is not and cannot be any mathematical problem that cannot be resolved. So long the money/market is under the rule of reason, ration and higher thinking and the rule of law there cannot be a problem that cannot be resolved for in humanics no one wastes their time arguing about whether humans need food or drink or education or houses or hospitals or whether children need protecting or vulnerable or people with disabilities need extra support or assistance. Everyone needs them so it is the duty of the bodies that the humans have established to deliver them. And it is possible because we have almost an endless supply of creative workers in the human race who are capable of creating almost anything and everything once their mind is put at something.

The Areas of Jurisdiction

Anything Under the sun, anything on, over, bellow, under the Earth, in the rivers, lakes, mines, oceans, forests, mountains, skies, spaces, the entire solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire Universe


The Universal Assembly Structures

The Head of State: The Universal Guardian
Head of Government: The Humanion Premier
Head of the Exchequer: The Humanion Chancellor of Exchequer

The above mentioned three offices work in unison and can be viewed as one being in three instances of various magnitudes.

Head of Judiciary: The Judicial Guardian. The Judiciary is absolutely free from the power or interference of the first three bodies. But these three bodies would do everything in their powers to support, promote, foster and finance whatever the Judiciary is trying to do or achieve.

The Administration of Houses

The Universal Guardian would have an office and administration

The Humanion Premier would form the Universal Government by organising specified departments agreed by the House, where he:she would appoint members of the House into various ministerial posts who would form the political leadership of the government. The departments will have their administration and public servants.

The Exchequer’s Office

The Exchequer would be in leadership of the Universal Central Bank with its own Head of the Bank being guided buy a Monetary Committee to which 51% members are chosen by the house from its members and the other 49% being drafted in by the House from the outside world fields from people, who are prominent in the fields and are deemed to be able to render great service to the bank.

The Exchequer would have his:her office and public servants

This is the only way we as a humanion can deal with our problems, that we are now facing which are making humanity nothing but an impossible entity that cannot live nor die, as it seems now, in peace. Those who ask is it possible to establish such a giant of an organisation? To answer to that we would invite them to recall the History of empires, remember the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Austro-Hungarian or Prussian Empire, The Russian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Caliphate, The Ottoman Empire, The Mogul Empire, The Roman Empire, the French Empire from the long past. From the recent past, look at the development and making of the United States of America, the Soviet Union and the modern China. But the most impressive, most persuasive and most important example of why such a venture is possible to be brought to life is The European Union. We could look at the European Union and see it as a microcosm; though, it has its short comings because it still works within the adversarial system. If, we apply humanics adversarial difficulties disappear.

It is time, WE THE PEOPLE, wake up, because if we wake up and begin to dream these dreams will have found ways and means to travel and get themselves planted in minds and begin to grow. One day this Universal Assembly shall become a reality.

What is happening to the world, to humanity, to the various parts of the world, the various nations and groups of people and the way it is threatening the very structures, fabrics and organisations of running human affairs, simply put, is not acceptable. We can do better. We should do better, we ought to do better. That what we can do, should do, ought to do can be done and if something can be done and we do not do it than we are simply imbeciles. Let our future generations not call us that. Let our future generations say that their predecessors did something good: they had set out The Universal Assembly of the Humanion when humanity faced the perils of self-destructions.

No one has spoken of it before; no economist has shown this is possible, no political philosopher has shown the way. Capitalism or communism is neither the answer nor the solution: we need to establish law for without law we are nothing. If you do not believe this: just spend two minutes thinking about what is unfolding before our very eyes, in Europe, to start with. The world and humanity both are in a mess. Our political systems, our leaders, countries, everything that is established, all have failed.

It is not acceptable. We must shout and say: this is not acceptable.

This shout, this is not acceptable, is enough. Then add, it is possible to create a better world, a better home for the entire of the humanion. It is possible.

It is possible because we dream about it.

It is at prospect coming off imagination, it is at feasibility coming off prospect, it is at possibility coming of feasibility, it is at probability coming off possibility, it is at certainty coming off probability. It is finally reality and all came off imagination.

So, let us begin by saying, this is not acceptable and then add, it is possible and then go on believing in it. Keep throwing the words of the Universal Assembly of the Humanion. Forget about the left or right. This is old. Forget about the class struggle, forget about the hatred and this or the other. For all this is old, too old and have failed miserably.

There is no left but humanity. There is no right but humanity. There is no capitalism, that can dictate humanity, when there is law to make it behave rationally. There is no communism for force never shall resolve any problem nor hatred bring love for humanity is nothing but love illuminating the earth and establishing a flowing, glowing expositions of wonders, that we see taking place parallel to the ruthless miseries and inhumanities, that are happening now.

Let us be that wonders and not what we are becoming: lawless, hostile, violent, cruel, selfish, dehumanised and horrid. No. Let us shout our humanity together. Go on: believe in it. It is possible: From Humanics: The Foundation.











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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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