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|| February 01: 2019 || ά. Dear Reader, thank you for being with us along the way of the development and progress of The Humanion. Today, we welcome you to the next phase of this development of The Humanion. The Humanion, in addition to the Online Edition, which remains and will continue to be so, FREE, for all the readers all the time, will be published as a new and different Edition, as The Humanion Portable Daily Edition, in a portable format, which readers can buy every day or subscribe to as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly and annually for a subscription price. This Portable Edition is a different publication and will have its own readership and it will offer a different format and readership for the advertisers to be interested in advertising in it.

The Humanion Portable Daily Edition will be launched on the day of the I Humanics Spring Festival and the I Regine Humanics Lecture 2019, Saturday, April 06. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd invites all our readers, supporters and well wishers to keep on supporting our efforts to keep on working in advancing the vision of humanics and keep on challenging the established and accepted view about capitalism and all it has imposed on humanity, which is nothing but the establishment, distribution, enhancement and enforcement of all the high cruelties: poverty, hunger, malnutrition, severe and acute malnutrition, homelessness, rough sleeping, beggary, destitution, no-education, no-medicare, no-social security, no-pension, unemployment, unemployability, existence in suffering and perishing away in shanty-town-ghettos, no-access to nutritional food and drinks, no access to safe and clean drinking water, no access to clean and safe sanitation, no access to personal hygiene and sanitary products for young girls and women in poverty, no access to clean, safe and natural air and environment, while in the richer parts of the world richer people are eating and drinking far, far too much causing an obesity crisis in health and social care and quality of life while the poorer parts of the world and in the poorer populations in the richer parts are starving, as well as, over-eating but they are eating and drinking terribly low and poor quality diets so that they are suffering from all consequences of that at the other end to