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|| May 20: 2018 || ά. There are many ways people can support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion. The Foundation has been given 100% copyright of the book, The Long Walk to Humanics, by its Author and Editor, which is being published on Tuesday, June 12. We invite everyone to pre-order the book, for 30.00, all of which will go to The Foundation. With this offer you do not pay for the postage. At this point in time, payment can be made, through bank transfer or paying through Paypal. Please, ensure that the Payment Reference is: The Long Walk to Humanics and we should receive an email with the postal address, where the book is to be sent. Pre-order a copy today for yourself or as a gift for your family members, friends, colleagues or your local libraries or book clubs or other learning agencies. For this book is about the philosophy, political philosophy, political economics, human affairs management system, jurisprudence, sociology, culture and vision, ideas and concepts of humanics for which Regine Humanics Foundation has been founded: for a better human condition for all humanity on earth. Pre-order the Book and support The Foundation.

As systems are being put in place, that still lag behind in terms of speed and things take a great deal of time to be set up, we are getting on our walk, step by step. We are in wait for our online payment system to be up and running. However, people can now make payments either through our bank account or through Paypal Business directly to The Foundation. Making payment through Paypal payment, to Regine Humancics Foundation Ltd. People, may, set up a regular contribution payment of any amount, as much as they can, through direct debit or standing order or by depositing into the bank account. The details are: Account Name: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: Bank: Barclays Bank: Sort Code: 20-18-93: Account No: 13861996. Or make a One Off Payment: People, may, make a one off payment of contribution of any amount and use the bank transfer.

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All other ways to support The Foundation is listed on this page. Support The Foundation and The Humanion.

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd works for the common good of the one and common humanity. It is a human enterprise in the sense of humanics but exist as social enterprise, as a community interest company but all its 'funds' are used to advance the aims and objectives set out in The Foundation's Vision-Mission-Foundation Statement. There are no shareholders, owners or investors to take 'profit' from The Foundation. Those, who work for The Foundation will get the 'benefits' of their work in the forms of 'salaries' and what are entailed in 'employment'. All funds are used and invested in advancing the works of The Foundation. The Humanics Foundation runs the following, to begin with but much, much more there are The Foundation has aims and aspirations to do in many other areas of life and existence in seeking to advance the human condition.

Join The Regineumanics Humanion Family

The Humanion aspires to create a Humanion Family of nine million human beings from across the United Kingdom, nine millions from across the European Union and nine millions from across mother earth. That's a total of twenty seven million human beings out of all these billions of us! These are the people, who are inspired by what Regine Humanics Foundation stands for and what The Humanion does and all the things, that The Foundation does and wants to do. And these people, are a bonded in the 'spirit' in this family of humanity, connected by a humanionhood, even, if, we never met them or, may, never, meet them! And why do people join and and how do they? You join The Regineumanics Humanion Family because you want to support Regine Humanics Foundation, The Humanion Online Daily, London Poetry Festival, Humanics Spring Festival and all the things The Foundation would like to do.

And, what do you do to join: you pay a 01 contribution to Regine Humanics Foundation and that's for life! But, in order for The Foundation to get that 01, you need to add a little more for the 'charges' taken out by the providers of these 'payment systems'. For us to get that 01, you will have to make a payment of roughly, 01.30. But think of this: that's 27,000,000! Think of how much The Foundation can do and for how long? That's a humanicsovicsopia! Yes, but we have just begun and, we, always, say, the Long Walk to Humanics: We have all the time in the world to build up and keep on walking on this, long, long, long walk to humanics. But, it starts with you, one single human being, saying to yourself: Yes, I would like to be part of this dream, this vision, this utopia, this humanicsovicsopia and I would support The Foundation with just 01 pound. What The Foundation would like to do and, at this stage, it is just a wish, with this membership money is not to spend it in on-going and current activities but 'invest' the money in a 'long-term' basis into a most suitable 'saving' account and build it up as membership grows and only utilise the interests generated from this fund. This way, The Foundation will be able to establish a secure future for all times to come. As and when there are 27 million members and that many millions in that 'Saving', that would generate a sustained income for The Foundation. So, in a way, you are, being members, setting that foundation for the future of The Foundation.

Small droplets of water make the vastness of that vast, vast, vast Specific Ocean. There is no 'profit' or 'gain' in this to anyone, who is joining and contributing a pound sterling but this support will grow something to keep working to advance the human condition, to challenge dehumanisation, to work to rehumanise our societies and living and existence-sphere. The only thing The Foundation asks you as member is, if, as and when you happen to visit London you make sure you speak to us and tell us you are here and, as and when The Elleesium Circle is up and running, you are welcome to just drop in. The earth is a nano-dot in this infinity of the Cosmosian Universe. This is a large number of humanity: twenty seven millions! But Regine Humanics Foundation has as large a vision as the Universe and we grow out of the entire billions of our extensive family of humanity and to all this twenty seven millions is not a large number at all.

Regine Humanics Foundation began on April 06, 2018 and so did begin our journey to raise our Regineumanics Humanion Family members towards the Twenty Seven Million. Join us and support The Foundation and The Humanion. Yes, the large and big conglomerate of distorteddia and the entire lot of the capitalist money machines are out there but we can still stand up, make a choice and do something: challenge dehumanisation, rehumanise and denounce, fight and defeat mindless vandalism, desecration, dissection and devastation of reality, of real society and community, of individual, familial and social life and cultural spheres and utter 'slaughter' of the truth, of the true, transparent, accountable, legitimate and verifiable bona fide, professional press and media and journalism and the monstrosity, cruelty, viciousness, aggression, hostility, bullying, abuse and the rest, that go on in this distorteddia.

You join as member through the mechanism, that is being set up and, you, may, leave your name and the place, the country you are from or, not, but you know us, The Foundation and The Humanion and we know, at least, what place, country you are from. There is no personal benefit for this membership to you nor does it 'make profit' for any person or individual or group of them but, as you know, Regine Humanics Foundation benefits no 'person' but exists to advance and support and take forward the human condition. And as members of The Regineumanics Humanion Family you are our 'Water-Weather-Ecology' System across Mother Earth and across humanity to take forward this message that here is Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion, that believe in something and working to advance that vision, that humanicsovicsopia. No mighty advertising machine can take on the Twenty Seven Million Human Voices! Support The Foundation. Join The Regineumanics Humanion Family.

The Humanion UK Online Daily: National International Universal News Learning and Society Newspaper

Online Quality National, International and Universal Daily Newspaper, that The Editor and The Editorial Team of The Humanion have been publishing on one hundred percent voluntary and in a non-organisational way since September 24, 2015. At this beginning of Regine Humanics Foundation The Humanion is the 'earning' an 'income' pathway. The Humanion is free for readers to read and access. How can readers and anyone, who can help and support The Foundation and The Humanion?

Reader Contribution

The Humanion will forever remain free for humanity to read, study and enjoy. What we are inviting everyone of our readers and all others is to make a voluntary contribution depending on their resources. Readers can make a one off payment of any amount or set up a weekly, monthly or quarterly or annual contribution. This way The Humanion can receive direct support from the readership.

Advertising in The Humanion

Organisations, agencies, businesses of all kinds and all other bodies can advertise in The Humanion on a daily basis. This advertisement is what we would call a social 'investersement' or an investment in advancing and supporting social enterprising work of organisations like Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion. For details about it, please, look on the relevant section in The Humanion. However, The Humanion will not accept any distorteddia media provided-and-run advertisements. Agencies, that would like to advertise in The Humanion will have to do it themselves and provide the advertising materials themselves. Deal with the Humanion by yourselves the old fashioned way people used to do with the media and press advertisements.

And, in doing this, all agencies and businesses are making a contribution to support valid, legitimate, necessary, professional and bona fide journalism, that is an absolute and fundamental part of all civic and democratic societies, cultures and socio-spiritual spheres, as well as, doing something to challenge the sheer dehumanisation, manipulation and herding of the public by these distorteddia conglomerate. This way they are not only challenging dehumanisation but, also, supporting rehumanisation of our social and civic spheres.

On this, The Humanion is a text-image-based publication; it does not do videos or moving images or texts or graffics of anything other than static texts and images. There are specific pages and places, where advertisements can be published. There are millions of businesses and organisations spending billions and billions on advertisements; they can use that great amount of financial resource and, while still advertising, still support social enterprising works, knowing that this money is not going make any human being rich overnight but every penny is being used and invested in advancing humanity in reality in real communities and societies in all spheres.


People and organisations can donate to The Foundation either as one off or as regular payments, that can be set up.


People can leave any 'fund' they would like to The Foundation

Fund Raising

People can make regular and on going contributions and donate to The Foundation through the public funding mechanism, that The Foundation will put in place.

Supporting Specific Projects

End Homelessness

The Foundation will strive to build up its financial resources so that works in this vital area of desperation can begin. People and agencies are welcome to support The Foundation in this area.

The London Poetry Festival

If, anyone or any organisation would like to support The Festival, they are welcome to do so. However, no one can by 'money' 'highjack' London Poetry Festival so that it becomes XYZ Festival. No, thank you. This is London Poetry Festival and your support will be promoted and made known to all but this must stop happening to all the major festivals, that have, simply, been 'killed off' by these big money companies 'robbing' these festivals of their names. London Marthan now has become not London Marathon but XYZ Marathon!

Or, if, you have a cultural space, a hall or centre or facility, that you can offer for the four evening-events of the Festival, to The Foundation for free, you are welcome to do so. The Festival is free to the pubic.

Humanics Spring Festival

The first festival will begin as soon as The Foundation is able to realise the funding. Support is welcome.

How Else Can People Support The Foundation

The Foundation and The Humanion require a base, an office, a home. If, anyone or any agency has a space, ideally, in Central London area, that they can and would like to 'gift' to The Foundation are welcome to let us know.

Fundraising for The Foundation

People can and are welcome to raise funding at very many opportunities of raising funds, for The Foundation, if, they like what The Foundation is seeking and striving to do and is doing.

Becoming Supporter of The Foundation

Agencies and Organisations Can Become Supporter of The Foundation. In this no payment is required but the support so that they are presented as such and they present the Foundation in their outlets. And, once a year, they organise a Special Staff Fund Raising Day for The Foundation.

Public Relations and Journalistic Agencies

Can support The Foundation by their own way, if, they feel The Foundation should be supported.

People Becoming Humanicsador for The Foundation

People at various fields and arenas of life, who are committed and interested to support and advance social enterprises can become The Foundation's Humanicsador so that they are part of the network of people supporting The Foundation and they are the Ambassadors of Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion and all the other things, that The Foundation is doing and will be doing. This can, only, happen, if, anyone is interested in becoming one to offer their support.

How Else

Tell people about Regine Humanics Foundation, The Humanion, London Poetry Festival, Poets Letter, End Homelessness, Humanics Spring Festival and all other things. Tell people and get involved in things, currently, at The Humanion Editorial Team, if, you have some time-resource to give.

Buying Books

Finally, since, 20% of all the proceeds from all sales of all books published by the Founder of Regine Humanics Foundation, Munayem Mayenin, goes to The Foundation, this is the other way people can support the works of The Humanion.

Most of all, read The Humanion everyday: tell everyone about The Humanion everyday: in your families, among and to your friends and colleagues, in your communities, in your work places, at your youth centres, at your hospitals, at your medical schools, at your research institutes, at your agency offices, at your schools, colleges, universities, cafes and youth centres and here-where, there-where, other-where, all-where and everywhere: In reality and in touch and in reach of humanity. No: not in the distorteddia. In reality, in humanity, with, by and for humanity we are: Regine Humanics Foundation: Join us on the Long Walk to Humanics: Yes, It is a dream, it is a vision, it is a utopia but it is more than that to us: it is The Humanicsovicsopia: Humanicsovicsopia believes in this: Humanity is an infinity unfolding itself. ::: ω.