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Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning


|| This was first published in The Humanion on December 09: 2017 || ά. Learning is a Bio-Intuitional Cognition Process Set by Nature in All Living Organisms on a Scale of the Lowest Level and Degree of Sheer Biological Awareness to the Highest Level and Degree of Consciousness That is Capable of Forming Itself Both as Individual Person and as a Member of the Unity of Many Persons or Community or Society and That is Capable to Congnise, Combining Both Bio and Intuitional in an Alignment of All Components of the Faculty of Rationality by Which It Thinks Through and Comes to Cognition and That is Learning and This Learning is Deposited in a 'Bank', Called, Memory: From a Single Cell Living Organism with Just Biological Awareness on Biological Cognition to a Human Brain:Mind:Will:Soul with Bio-Intuitional Cognition Learning Can and Does Take Place. There is None and Can Not Be Any Intelligence or Learning Outside Living Organisms, Where We Find Things, Matters, Energies, Time, Space and Void Existing Under Absolute, Incorporated, Inherent and Ingrained Eternal Natural Laws Without Exceptions at All Times, That Not a Single Variable Existing in It Can Alter or Not Obey, Signifying There is No 'Will' There, Which Does and Can Only Arise Out of Intelligence Through Learning and All, That is Outside the Living-Life, Form Part of What We Call The Mechanoprincipium, Which Only the Highest Possible Bio-Intuitional Intelligence, i.e, Humanity is Capable of Perceiving.

Therefore, the Very Absurd Ideas, That the Misguided, Manipulative and Profiteering Market Mechanism is Seeking to Portray, Establish, Impose and Dictate to Humanity as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Nothing But Means to Expand the Scope, Prowess and Reach of Dehumanisation and Must Be Rejected, Resisted, Fought and Defeated Outright. We Have, Almost, More Than Half of All Humanity and the Great Majority of Women, Forced and Sentenced to Live and Die in No Education, in Desperate Hunger, Desperate Poverty and Abject Poverty and Malnutrition and Without Medical Care, in Homelessness and Unemployment and Much More Besides and, Yet, These Forces are Wasting All Precious Human and Other Priceless Resources Into Such Absolute and Utter Audacity of Imposing Their Machinations on Humanity as If to Suggest That for an Injured Soul Dying in Absolute Agony of Bleeding, Hurts and Pains the Necessity is Not to Take Her:Him to the Nearest Accident and Emergency Unit of a Hospital But Get a Plastic Toy-Robot-Doctor to Sit Next to Him Speaking Utter Imbecility! This Can Not, Should Not and Must Not Be Let to Succeed. The Most Vital and Most Scarce Human Resources Must Not Be Let to Be Squandered in This Absurd and Utterly Misguided Pursuit of Dehumanisation. Our High-Most Priority is to Ensure That the Entire Humankind, in All Nations on Earth, is Afforded the Right to Get an Education and Get Universal Human Rights and Not a Single Soul Die of Hunger or for the Lack of Medicare.

This is What is Called Intelligence and This Why It is Called Learning: Because are Humans and We Ask and Question and We Empathise and We Sympathise and We Love and We Hope and We Imagine and We Learn and We Dream and We Want to Ensure Our Brothers and Sisters and All Our Children are as Valued, as Safe, as Protected, as Respected and as Nurtured as Everyone Else. This is Called Humanity and This Arises Out of This Intelligence, That is an Inalienable and Inseparable Part of the Biological Mechanism and Architecture of Life and Which Can Not and Does Not Exist Outside This Living-Life and That Mother Nature Has Endowed Each One of Us With, When We Arrive at Our Existence. Therefore, O Humanity Rise to Reject, Fight and Defeat This Attack of Ruthless Dehumanisation by These Concocted, Brewed and Miss-constructed Ideas Being Sought to Be Implanted in Our Heads and Minds. The Humanion uses Machine Processed Programming:MPP for Machine or Artificial Intelligence and Programmed Algorithmic Machination:PAM for Machine Learning, refusing the very concepts that machines can have intelligence and that they are, therefore, capable to learn. Likewise, The Humanion does not use the terms, self-driven or self-driving or autonomous vehicles for machines are not and can not be deemed to be having 'self', that absolutely applies to humans and autonomy applies to humans as individuals and as groups, societies, peoples, nations etc and can not be applied to machines. Therefore, Auto-driven is the term we use for Self-driven or Self-driving or autonomous vehicles etc. This relates to profound, vital and fundamental issues and we must be careful as to how we use terminology, that, albeit, inadvertently, dehumanises humanity.



Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning: Hundreds of Genes and 187 Regions of the Human Genome are Linked to Intelligence 2018



|| This was first published in The Humanion on March 22: 2018 ||ά. More than 500 genes linked to intelligence have been identified in the largest study of its kind, carried out by the University of Southampton, the University of Edinburgh and the Harvard University. Scientists compared variation in DNA in more than 240,000 people from around the world, to discover which genes were associated with intelligence. They identified 538 genes, that play a role in intellectual ability and found 187 regions in the human genome, that are linked to thinking skills. Scientists suggest that the study sheds new light on the biological building blocks of people’s differences in intelligence. Before presenting the rest of this news, here, The Humanion would like to invite all the Universities and learning institutions and all others interested in advancing human enlightenment and the human condition that it is time they all rise and unite and with absolute finality and total conviction reject these misguided, dangerous, dehumanised and dehumanising attempts by the market and all its profiteers seeking to impose brewed, orchestrated, manipulated and manipulative pseudo-concepts of so called machine learning and artificial intelligence on the public discourse in order to, simply, profiteer and, with all these, devastate, herd, manipulate, dictate, enslave and destroy the very humanity we are and all human achievements made so far.

It is time to reject this outright. There is no such thing as machine leaning but it is simply a process of Programmed Algorithmic Machination:PAM and there is no such thing, there can not be any such thing as artificial intelligence but Machine Processed Programming:MPP. It is time these institutions show leadership and vision from which 'distorteddia' organisations they take money to advance so-called research in these pseudo-areas to simply advance and promote their 'pseudo-agenda', giving them credibility, validation and 'status' for profiteering and herding people. It is time to act and reject this outright and with utmost decisiveness and vision. There are millions of most vital research areas, that require urgent and paramount investment and funding and these agencies should concentrate in focussing on these. It is time to stop supporting, promoting, legitimising, free-advertising and offering 'status, validation and verve' to these distorteddia conglomerate by all such agencies, who are now doing exactly that. They are offering all these for free to agencies of the distorteddia, thus, legitimising and prescribing their usage and promotion to the wider public, which they, then, convert into 'money in their pockets and becoming billionaires overnight without creating a single 'product'! It is time all wake up and act with vision, with courage, with decisiveness and social conscience.

Soon, it won't be any good seeking and finding a 'scapegoat' somewhere, when 'something goes wrong', while everything has been going wrong for a very long time and 'sack' them and issue a statement along the line of: she:he did not represent our 'brand' values or this or the other. And, mark, this 'brand', another 'pseudo-concept', another propaganda, another 'socially implanted lie' and this is continuously being bombarded to people. What is a brand? A brand can not and does have values. Only humans and humanity do and can have values and many other animals have some sense and degree of being capable of having values. An agency, an organisation, an institution only has values so far as it relates to being created, run, managed, developed and advanced by the 'work, ingenuity and creativity' of the humanity involved in it. The reckoning of this massive and overwhelming failure by all agencies of the world, the states, the governments and the entire range of organisations, entities and bodies have committed these failures and it is time people wake up and seek to salvage what is left of democracy and proper space of social and learning discourse arena from the menace of these sociological-distorteddia. The entire arena of distorteddia, what people have been bombarded to call and use social media has nothing social or real about them and they are not and can not be either social or society. They are neither social nor media but the end of all: end of reality, end of human individuality, end of human agency, end of human ingenuity, creativity and humanity and the end of free, questioning, lawful and legitimate, professional and bona fide news media and journalism and the beginning of the true 'distorteddia', flickers of all that can be found a little of in Orwell's 1984.

Distorteddia is the most dangerous development in the course of human progress and it is the end of humanity as humanity is, ought and must be but the beginning of the herded up mob as consumers, 'programmed, dictated, manipulated and directed' to consume, that what they have been 'programmed' to do. The Pen and Paper were the first technology for humans, with, for and by which we have worked towards getting out of the cave and have come, thus, far. Technology does and must, always, serve humanity and not let to make humanity its 'slaves'. This is what is now being forced upon humanity so that humans are, only, good enough to be herded into one 'distorteddia' and kept as 'means to make profit and herd them along and destroy all, that humanity has achieved over millennia through astonishing hard work and infinite suffering. And, this same Pen and Paper, are used by and utilised by humans. One, in the name of Albert Einstein, wrote Theory of Relativity with them, Nelson Mandela wrote his Long Walk to Freedom with them, Hannah Arendt wrote Human Condition with them, William Shakespeare wrote his entire creation with them, Leo Tolstoy wrote his War and Peace in Them, Jean Sibelius wrote his Symphonies with them, Maya Angelou wrote her poetry with them but with the same pens ad papers despots dictators and deranged such as Hitler and Mussolini and others wrote their vile, obnoxious and filth of racism, nazism, fascism and xenophobia. There is always a choice: this is time we make this choice. Technology and all that goes with it must, always, support the progression of the human condition and not own, dictate, herd, devastate and destroy the very humanity, that we are and that we ought, must seek and strive to be.











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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd is the First Ever Human Enterprise in the Sense of Humanics: A Social Enterprise: Not for Profit Company: No One Owns It or Takes Profit Out of It: The Foundation Works to Serve the Common Good of the One Common Humanity: Nor Can Anyone Change the Nature of The Foundation: The Foundation Aspires to Exist Flowing Through Time with the Ever-Developing, Ever-Progressing, Ever-Learning, Ever-Striving Humanity on Earth: The Nine-Step-Realm-Path: i: Imagination, ii. Prospectivity, iii: Tentativity, iv: Feasibility, v: Possibility, vi: Onwardineity, vii: Probability, viii: Certainty and ix: Reality: Humanics, Human Enterprise, Humanicsovics, Humanicsovicsopia, Humanical Society, The Humanion an all other ideas and concepts in all these and The Foundation began at Imagination and grew on travelling through this path and began 'becoming', which has now resulted in all these becoming a Reality: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd has been founded on Humanics

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Humanity Is An Infinity Unfolding Itself: Infinity It Has And It Is In: Imagination: Ingenuity: Creativity: Empathy: Love: Care: Compassion: Oneness: Diversity: Connectedness: Respect: Regard