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What is Natural Health Social The Other NHS

This is Medicine But It is for Our Souls: It is for Our Communal, Social, Cultural, Creative and Spiritual Lives

It is a heap of contradictions of a time we find ourselves living. Consider this: while obesity is becoming a dangerously impossible problem to deal with for its overwhelming shadowing of lives and how that implicates society and social structures that are struggling to deal with its consequences yet there remains the hardest of reality in hunger, malnutrition but most importantly, severe and acute malnutrition across the globe that kills a great many lives.

There are many illnesses that are killing huge number of humanity such as cancer yet we find that most people are being killed and do die because of war, violence, famine, hunger and malnutrition as well as due to terrible air and water pollution. A lot of people die because of treatable diseases like Malaria, TB, HIV, Polio and such illnesses that could be prevented and treated if 'resources' were made available for these. People are killed by murderers including states and people are dying because of hatred related violence against minorities of all kinds and women and girls and those who are forced in vary many 'slavery' and 'forced labour' are subjected to violence and a lot of them get killed in this process. People are being killed because they are different. People are being killed because someone:ones decided that they did not like their opinion and therefore, they took it upon themselves to kill them.

Yet, leaving all this aside, if we really take a deep look, particularly, in developed countries as well as fast-paced developing countries that have grown absolutely unsustainable 'urban' habitats for humanity a great deal of which is unsuitable and dangerous for human habitation like slums and shanty towns etc, than we would find that there is a growing list of mental health issues and illnesses that are arising involving ever greater number of people and families and that implicates communities and societies.

The statistics of increasing suicide rates and vary many mental illnesses and mental health issues widening their grips on more and more lives and a great many people are increasingly getting on mental health medication and a whole lot of people who are sufering mental illnesses of many kinds find nowhere to go, are things that are not just alarming but actually fast creating a dangerous situation. The ever increasing defragmentations, dislocations, disconnections, disjointments,  fractures, destructions of family, community and community lives, social and communal isolation, the negative development and influence of the technological 'insurrections' driven by a 'market' that went unchecked as to what 'technology products' they bring about regardless of their social, cultural, scientific and other values, in individual, family, community and social lives and most importantly, the universal deterioration of education spending and particularly, in the developed world, higher education spending means that all forms of negativity including racism, ignorance, bias, prejudices, bigotry, masochism, chauvinism, growing extremist politics and political ideologies, hatred, violent forms of 'nationalism' and intolerance and aggression have been increasing to a point of endemic proportion.
















Further, added to this is the unprecedented 'migration' of humanity that is adding further impossible challenges for the world and humanity neither of which has developed and evolved to create a philosophical base, political, economics, social, cultural, scientific and spiritual structures to be able to deal with these challenges. Add to this is the ever increasing 'drive' of the 'monopolies' to create, market and make money with impossible and dazzling array of 'devices', 'gadgets' and 'means and mechanics' from which a culture of consumerism without thinking has developed into a form of 'lethal' art of 'narcissism' made of absolute isolationisms, selfishness, self-centredness, mindlessness, thoughtlessness as well as 'self-righteousness'.

A 'State of I or Myself' has been established along with which a dangerous political and cultural sphere of 'opinion-fascism' has been developing that has been causing impossible heartaches, agonies, suffering and mental discontents and lot of suicides as a consequence of this should be added to this list. And these are causing a great deal of people, particularly, young people getting various mental health issues. This 'opinion fascism' is in this that the State of I or Myself has set no 'criterion' for itself so that is capable of saying or doing anything for its does not have any criterion by which it guides itself.

This is because it has subscribed to the technological features of today's time it has selected and elected to be dehumanised. Having dehumanised itself this self has entered the State of I or Myself and there is nothing else for it to consider think or wonder about. This does not think, this does not pause to wonder. It is self righteous and it believes it is entitled to express any opinion no matter how pointless, baseless, basisless, foundationless, banal, silly, ridiculous that opinion is nor does it think that its opinions must be based on valid substantiation nor does it wonder how that opinion impacts on others towards whom it is directed to nor does it consider whether these opinions are cruel, vile, vulgar, vicious or inhumane.

This State of I or Myself does not accept that an opinion must have

a rational basis
that it must be presented using a language that obeys and functions within universal rules of grammar and syntax
that it must have rational structure, premises and logical and substantive validity
that it must be substantiated with logical arguments and supported by evidence
that evidence of that substantiation must be presented with sources
that it must always be expressed in a manner acceptable for positive social and cultural interactions

So that if one expresses this opinion about, say a hypothetical gravitational plane. She proposes a hypothesis: That the space is organised in a multidimensional layers organised in what is hypothesised as space tectonic planes so that like the tectonic plates these are connected to each other only by hypothetical connections yet these planes are not truly connected.

Imagine that these tectonic planes are like multidimensional waves and they rise and fall multidimensionally whereby all the things in them are almost like floating on, inside and over it like boats and ships in the ocean and the space between them are increasing and decreasing with fluctuations of the tectonic planes. Now, this tectonic plane fluctuations may take some points of it closer to other planes and further from others so that if we know enough about it almost like the time table of when the high or low tide is due we would be able to travel from one space to another with the shortest possible distance so that we could travel in places that otherwise would be impossible.

And here we could imagine a piece of paper on which the north and south and east and west are at different points but if we bring it to meet at one point to form the cover of a globe the north and south meet and the east and west meet at the same point. Now if we are at the end of one tectonic plane and it bends upwards so does the other end of it than at a point they would meet there bringing the distance between the two points to zero.

If we know when this is going to take place all we have to do is reach that point and wait to be lifted to millions of light years away to the other end from where we might be able to seek the same means to reach the other ends of other tectonic planes. This way we could travel much further than using any other means or mechanics for in human terms its likelihood is absolute zero because we simply won't live as long nor would our machine function as long as the journey time.

This is the future of space travel when we shall travel between not just galaxies but between one galaxillation to another. How does it work? The very existence of the gravitational waves suggest that that through which the waves travel are nothing but the fabrics of space-time or rather time becoming space for space is time expanded. And if that fabrics of space-time is multidimensional it must not be just one whole connected entity but our hypothesis is that they are as connected as a bee-hive or as the grains of sand on a sea-shore or the way the electron-proton and neutron are connected or the way neurons or cells are connected so that there remains 'space' between them. They are 'connected' only through the 'mechanics' of the 'force' or power.

And if so this space-time fabric must be 'un-connected' whereby leaving the possibility open that they are organised in 'chunks' and each chunk is what we are calling a space tectonic plane.'

Now she goes on illustrating the entire hypothesis in which she will establish the basis of her hypothesis in which she will bring in evidence, mathematical, scientific, rational and of the arguments etc. For this she would have had to study for years, attended classes and seminars and through that time many an advanced mind  taught, supported, guided, encouraged and inspired her studies, corrected her, nudged her and pushed her, asked her questions and she has now finally found what she is now presenting. Unless she does so as we have described this opinion of hers is not something anyone would be or should be interested about. Because a great deal of scientific and mathematical and other great discoveries came through this means.

And yet, let us take an example of this other example of the same opinion: someone expresses an opinion like this: ''all NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration does is rubbish.''

Now, what can one say about this opinion! That all that NASA does is rubbish! But this State of I or Myself has expressed it and there are others who would simply click a button to 'like' it and then if many like it, it becomes 'viral' and few minutes of fame even making brief news follows suit.

Yet NASA is not a person. It won't get 'hurt' the way a human might. So that another State of I or Myself expresses a vile, malicious, cruel and inhuman opinion, expressed about a young person at school and others join in and no one thinks how that young person who is at the receiving end of it would take it? Or someone starts a malicious, lie about someone which is dangerous and its spreads and it destroys the person concerned. 

And to bring it to the point: this State of I or Myself has done away with the criterion because it has elected to treat itself as dehumanised machines and doing so it then treats the rest of the world the same way.

Yet, that dehumanisation does not make that 'State of I or Myself Happy' for because of it has dehumanised itself it is alone, it is lonely and it is absolutely isolated and most often it is 'nameless' so that it has little 'humanity' left to draw onto. And seeks to get some 'food' from sources often from the same routes of devices: gadgets:apps:this:that:and:the:other.

All this put together forms a catalogue of defragmentations, dislocations, disconnections, disjointments, fractures, destructions of family, community and community lives, social and communal isolation, consumerism, selfishness, self-centredness, dehumanisation, lack of the desire to learn but instead  a defiant hatred towards learning and thoughtlessness in which a person is 'imprisoned' and there creeps in the prospects and possibilities of all forms of mental illnesses. And this is growing like an epidemic across the developed countries, fast-paced developing countries, well all over the world.

If this trend continues, if nothing else does, 'suicide' will become the last post for humanity to go through the door of 'extinction'.  And this is not a wild statement. And because of this danger that we face across the globe and particularly, in the west, in Europe and here in the United Kingdom we have been seeking to find a way to bring something about that will help us come together to challenge this, to raise our heads, minds, hands and voices to say: enough is enough. Technology is fine so long its serves: if it becomes the master and makes us addicted to it to the point that we 'chose' to lose our humanity in it and become a 'pawn' to its mastery there remains no point or purpose to our existence.

The internet, the gadgets, the devices, the apps and all the rests the so called books that are not books, the so called this or that or other tube or cube or hive or hipe, the social media whatever have had their day: it is time we make a choice and say: there is NO ALTERNATIVE to REALITY and virtual reality is useful as and when it supports humanity, but it cannot replace REALITY. An app for a friend is a LIE for an app, a gadget, a device, a machine, can NEVER be a FRIEND to a human being. And friend is made through social and cultural interactions: at school, at colleges, at universities, at youth centres, at festivals, at work, at the cafe, at the community centre, through the conferences, through being involved in doing business and work, through the myriad of social, cultural, artistic and creative initiatives.

Natural Health Social The Oher NHS is this declaration. That Humanity cannot be dehumanised, and we will not accept dehumanisation and we shall seek to reclaim our humanity and the virtual reality must be brought to be subjected to humanity, humanity that is us, who live in REALITY, in Community, in Social and Cultural interchanges and exchanges. The virtual, technological world must not be let to become the master. We have to make that choice and chose. And that includes the big corporations do not decide what devices they just bring about. Investments must be made in developing means and technologies in billions of things that we need technological help with: in hundreds and hundreds branches of medicine to start with, in solar and green technology, in space development and in thousands of other things. We must chose and demand that so called gadgets, devices are nor produced which are using precious energy and which is wasting human time which can be used in creating value for life and humanity and most of all it is watering 'dehumanisation' to the point of almost dangerous state.

Let us take a look at the 'ridiculousness' of this: one goes to a website of, say, a bank: why on earth one should see that a bank has a this or that account so that it asks you to follow it, or like it or watch it here or there or some other place! How ridiculous it is. A University or a Research facility or a Kebab shop! Or a Railway Line! Yes, they should use the technology but why on earth one should 'like' a Railway Company or 'Follow' a Kebab shop! What on earth is going on! And where is the time for one person to 'like' or follow or watch or this or the other! This is happening because everyone has taken the view that this is 'fashionable'. Now is the time to take stalk, pause and ask why? For here is a choice. No social media, no gadget, no device would ever be able to make you a friend, no device would ever be able to replace your sister or brother or mother or the wonderful elderly woman who served your dinner at school or the beautiful lollipop lady who held your hand when you crossed the road. No gadget would ever be able to nurse one or care for one nor can it do a surgery or do the astonishing job of being a 'teacher' or a 'social worker' or an architect or a musician.

And add to this, the time we are spending with all this, is taken away from some other place and that place is: from family, from family members, from friends, from social and other relations and from being, from creating, from reading, listening, thinking, wondering, seeing, touching, learning: in short being human. So that we dehumanise ourselves and leave the human plane and venture into a zone of machines and lose our 'souls' and no one can save us from that: unless we make the choice: to claim back human superiority over machines.

Enough is enough.

And here is what we have thought long and hard and for days and nights and months and years and decades in developing this and here we present it. This is the very skeleton of the idea which shall be illustrated further gradually.

How is It Organised: Natural Health Social The Other NHS

Imagine it as a Human Orchestra built with people and organisations that the very people created and together  these two, the people and the organisations come to set themselves up so that they can each play an enabling part:instrument and get all humans of a community come together and join in and play their little 'minim' and 'semibreve'  etc and they bring about that Human Symphony of social and human interactions. This is to rise up and create a home for humanity that we have living in a community as individuals, in family units and other places and a lot of these individuals are alone and disconnected, have no one to speak with, there are people who are suffering from many forms of mental illnesses who have nowhere else to go, no support to draw onto. There are elderly people, pensioners, people with vary many disabilities, people of many backgrounds, there are families with children who need a place to connect with other people, people who are suffering because they face prejudice, discrimination, abuse, threats, violence, there are people who are homeless who have no one in the world for if they did they would not sleep rough on the streets. Natural Health Social The Other NHS will create an 'oasis' in the city:town:village for everyone and that 'everyone' will come to it to use their human voice to greet and be greeted, use their human hands to shake hands and make impressions and leave impressions, they would come to seek help, to find and make friends, they would come to learn, to share, to teach, to be taught, to exercise and do natural things with nature and natural humanity. They would give and they would receive and both would enrich both the giver and receiver. They would learn about the people that live in the community, they would learn about their locality and they would have 'friends' where they live, work, create and be.

Let Us Imagine Such a Natural Health Social The Other NHS in London

Imagine a large purpose built Elysium Complex on a large green space donated by some authority or a rich estate. All the Major charitable organisations are brought together to form the basic organisation-structure of this Human Enterprise who subscribe to this Natural Health Social so that they provide a 'symbolic' contribution, say £10 for a 'symbolic share' and they all join in and form the structure of the organisation of Natural Health Social. All the charitable, not for profit and social enterprises are invited to join in. Each entity will have 'one' share' in the 'company', the human enterprise, which has no monetary value because this Natural Health Social is an Ownership Social which means no one owns it individually but everyone belongs to it as it belongs to everyone. The profit it makes is invested back in its activities. We are not getting into the structural details of this here.















And What is Natural Health Social The Other NHS

It is a Centre of Human Interactions, Interchanges, Exchanges, Formations and Creations. It will be open to all in the area it aims to serve. At the heart of it is the largest Cafeteria in London that would serve the entire world's food, hot and soft drinks at cost prices plus 10% so if the cost price of a tea is 20P they sell it for 22P. And the food is the best in London so that that becomes an open invites for anyone in London come here for lunch and dinner and so on. At the centre of this complex is an amphitheatre where local people, community groups, youth groups and all can perform readings, theatre, poetre, music, rehearsals and other performances at selected times yet at other times its a space for people simply to sit and enjoy the silences, think, wonder or forget the world. It will have spaces of worship and contemplation that would be architectured in the open green areas where all the faiths would have individual 'temple' and the contemplation 'temple' is for those who do not believe in any faiths who would use it as a space for quiet peaceful contemplation and reflections.

At the Next layer of that is that Cafeteria and it serves people from 07:00 till 23:00.

And at the next layer all the organisations that are part of this Natural Health Social have their offices and service spaces where they provide the services they do provide for people who would come to them. And Next to this would be office and works spaces of the myriad of professionals, officers, workers of the Natural Health Social.

This place then have the following:

1: It will have an animal farm that would be organised as the outermost periphery of the centre. This animal centre would act as a local family visiting attractions as well as for local schools, youth centres and other groups to come and use the facility as a learning resource. Then we are going inwards towards the Centre: then we have a zone all around as the garden that produces fruits and vegetables where the community is involved in the gardening as volunteers and people who would like to do natural exercises. The Centre uses the fruits and vegs itself in Cafeteria and the local community gets to take the rest for FREE with a voluntary donation opportunity. This would provide a culture for families and individuals, organisations, businesses and their workers to come and join in gardening, volunteering, exercises. The Centre does not have and will not provide any mechanical exercise provisions other than what is natural.

2: After the garden we go in and there would be walking lanes, running lanes, cycling lanes all around organised in parallel. People, families come and walk around, run, jog, ride, relay race etc. People come and take the bikes and ride and return the bikes. All that is free. A voluntary donation, symbolic, can be asked of the usage of the bikes and equipment.

3: Then you come to the space where there would be football grounds, cricket grounds, badminton and tennis and all other out door games facilities where people are going to take part. All that would mean that local people have to organise teams and get involved in playing these games and here Natural Health Social's Teams of Workers provide some of their services.

5: Then you have the water space where there would be swimming facilities for from babies to a 100-year old person. There would be games that are played in water and that can be developed further to create further water based games. The Swimming facilities will be developed in an Open-Air-Close Style so that is open to the sun.

6: Then you have a market stall that actually comes to the front doors of the Centre which is a circular in shape. Now this market is not just any market but it is specifically designed to incorporate and get local people, particularly, younger generation to come together with their products and sell it in the market stalls. The market is open where there would be stalls selling all sorts of things and these stalls are permanent. Community organisations, groups of all sorts can get stalls. Along with this the Centre would provide address and meeting spaces and service providing spaces to local voluntary, charity, social enterprise organisations, un-incorporated groups, informal groups because of the fact that most of them do not have the financial means to acquire an office but they have all other resources and expertise to provide a valuable service to a particular group of the community whose need may not be met by any other wider group or service.

7: In this complex there should be a Recycling facility where recycling would be done so that most of all the things the centre uses wherever possible are recycled and reused and this facility should be used as an educational facility for local schools and other groups. The Centre is going to be built as a 100% Green and Sustainable entity.

8: The Natural Health Social would have a range of professionals working in it including youth workers, social workers, community workers, community development workers, health workers, nurses, health visitors, midwives, housing officers, and the list is almost endless. Because the Centre would like to bring the entire community to its provisions from the elderly to people with disabilities, from mothers with their babies to fathers with their toddlers, with single mothers and single fathers with their children, grandfathers and grandmothers with their grand children, the MPs with their families, the Councillors, the school children, the university students. All are being brought together. And volunteering from all walks of life, particularly, from young people of primary, secondary, college and university working in projects involving working with projects for elderly people, people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses and so on so that they get to learn and see how other people are human and how they live in that humanity. The Centre would provide for the local homeless people: food and drink, facilities for them to wash, have medical checks, to have a place to spend the night. And the homeless that comes to its doors once must end up to a home and a job so that each homeless is followed by the Centre back to life and living in dignity. At the same time, the Centre would provide shelter to those who are escaping violence from any family settings and support them to a 'natural' life back again. The Centre would provide the same support to anyone who are destitute so that they are not living on the street and going hungry. And along side all this, the centre would provide a crèche facility for young children and a 'special minding facility' for family to leave a an adult person who needs supervision/looking after for a short time: couple of hours.

It will have some additional services:

1. A team going round to see elderly people living on their own. They are going to visit each of these family units once a day and in that they would ensure that they have what they need, medication, food, drink etc or they help them organise all that.

2. A Team that goes to every home in the area where elderly people live and visit people who do not have anyone that comes to see them. They would spend time with them and take them outside and they would let them know that they would visit them on the following week.

3. A Team who would visit children living at Local Authority homes and spend time with individual children who do not have anyone to visit them.

4. A Team that would visit people who are in prison whoever they are who do not have anyone to visit them.

5. A Team that would visit people with disabilities living with family members and support the family and spend time with the person and support her/him in social activities.

6. A Team of tutors for supporting children's home work whereby parents bring their children and these tutors offer support tot the children and young people doing home work.

7. Music Teachers: All musical instruments would be taught to all children and adults for free.

8. A Support for Families Recently Broken: This team would provide support to parents who have recently gone through break up or going through break up

9. All Purpose Support Team: this team provide support to whatever groups, individual needs any support that cannot access any other existing support so that that culture is THERE IS NOTHING in the World that The Natural Health Social does not or cannot support. In addition the Centre would provide work experiences to everyone who wants to have work experience, it would run schemes giving working experience to people who would like to get back to work. It would run projects to help people get back to work. And the most FUNDAMENTAL Movement the Centre would create is this: it would create: The Community Humanity Vanguards in five groups: Involving all the Primary Schools in the Area whereby the Parents bring their children to join this which is like a work force to work and learn at the various projects of the Centre after school. Same with Secondary age young people, and the University age young people and the other two groups: one formed off any and all other adults and one formed from people with disabilities. So that there are FIVE Natural Health Social Community Humanity Vanguards who are working and learning through out the year and who would organise an Annual Festival of the Vanguards in London

9: This is just a snapshot. The Centre runs an on going cultural performance calendar throughout the year bringing in all other organisations putting up cultural activities and exhibitions for all groups and ages and sections of the community so that there is something for everyone every afternoon and evening. The Centre has an advice in and about the entirety of 'Life' where specialist and specially trained people would work as Special Advisors who would sign post people to the right place for help. These Specialists are open and anyone can walk in for help without ever having to wait for an appointment. This Service is particularly geared towards people living alone, living with mental illnesses and people with disabilities. If this centre is working and all is up and running anyone coming to this centre would simply refuse to leave this space.

And along the way Natural Health Social would change the way people live in their locality because it would run walking on every street programmes throughout the year so that one who lives in a place would have walked on all parts of that neighbourhood in a year if they took part in that project that would be organised on an on going weekly basis where people could join to walk. The other project that is the Living Art Project: Natural Health Social would involve the entire 'art' generation working in London today from nursery children to the artist exhibiting at the National Art Gallery and get them create art work to be part of the Living Art Project the pieces of which would be displayed all around the entire Centre outdoors and indoors as well as the entire length of the outside wall and the inside wall of the Centre itself so that a visitor going around the Centre outdoors could enjoy the art works displayed there or going around the Centre wall and see or touch or hear or read the art work displayed outside or inside and this brings in the entire creativity of the community in the Centre making it the Living Breathing Art Gallery of London and the Nation. This organisation would change culture for it would go to the Houses of Commons, to schools, universities, hospitals, government departments, businesses, banks etc, the city, all local authority run town halls, the London Assembly, to all the organisations working in London and invite people to come here for lunch or for dinner at least once a week or to join in any cultural event. It would aim to make a culture that after leaving work, or finishing university classes, at least once a week, colleagues, friends go and have a meal at the Centre and spend some time at the Centre. It would bring in city workers to spend their extended lunch time volunteering. It would bring in doctors and nurses and medical students to come in and get involved and  contribute to the myriad of projects running. It would run Learn Something That You Do Not Know where people, say doctors, would be encouraged to join a Class on Astronomy and an Engineer to join a Class on Geology etc. These are classes for ordinary people to create and foster a culture of learning and wonder and continual development of self. The Centre will have a reading room where people READ and they READ good old fashioned BOOKS printed on PAPERS!

So that people do not live in this city as 'foreigners'. They do not stand on Victoria Street and go blank when a tourist asks where is Bridge Street or Parliament Square: standing on Peckham Rye and looking lost when some one asks: How do I get to Bournemouth Road. They do not walk past without saying hello to some one they have met at the Centre. They do not walk in London as if they are walking on Mars! From Bexleyheath to Thornton Heath, from Kingston to Camden, from Richmond to Blackheath, from Newham to Willesden Green, from Trafalgar Square to Pimlico, from Chase Farm to Kentish Town, from Sydenham to Wood Green, from Waterloo to Notting Hill Gate, from Marble Arch to Killburn they should live in London as if it is home and walk on its street with confidence and connection the way they do in their garden.

Who is Going to Pay for It

First of all, we need some national charity, to start with, one would do, to take the leadership and decides to start this project by becoming the 'first shareholder'. They can then drive the process of inviting others and a core group might soon follow. They might gather some personalities who are involved in charitable and humanitarian works who might lend their support to this project. Once the basis of the structure is done the mechanism would begin to work and it will need to raise funding and that is another matter and it is not impossible to raise the necessary funding for such a project. If this project takes root soon the entire country and all governments would see what it is achieving and they would join in. But we envision this to be a natural national service but not delivered by governments. The Governments could make money available to the organisation but the organisation will deliver the services for government involvement and running of an organisation takes away the 'sense of community' and bring in a sense of 'cold bureaucracy'. The Government can simply 'amend' the National Lottery related law and make a mandatory contribution from the National Lottery directly paid to Natural Health Social.....but that is far away in the future.

Must We: We Must

Yet, it is paramount that we begin to reclaim our reality. Let us see the Human Symphony unfolding in the name, works and achievements of the Natural Health Social The Other NHS for which the NHS cannot prescribe a 'pill' and it is for Our Souls: It is for Our Communal, Social, Cultural, Creative and Spiritual Lives

Who are Going to Join Natural Health Social

The Humanion Team will 'buy' one share. We can do this much in addition to The Humanion seeking to promote the IDEA. Which organisations, which charities, which personalities, which philanthropists, which humanitarians, which leaders and community activists, which professional bodies are going to join in? Which organisations, businesses, banks, corporations, entities are going to support Natural Health Social The Other NHS? This remains to be seen. But we leave the IDEA here open on the Earth of everyone's imagination, initiative and inspiration to make a choice to 'plant' this seed of the IDEA.

Please, bear in mind, no one has any monetary interest in this. No one makes a penny here for themselves. It is a Human Enterprise. It is done with, by, for, in, on, over, under, beyond and together with Humanity.

Signing as the First 'Symbolic Shareholder' of The Natural Health Social The Other NHS

The Humanion

May 24: 2016

P.S: Ownership Social and Human Enterprise: Please, go to Political Economics Section and Scroll down and at the bottom you would find writings on these two concepts.






















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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd is the First Ever Human Enterprise in the Sense of Humanics: A Social Enterprise: Not for Profit Company: No One Owns It or Takes Profit Out of It: The Foundation Works to Serve the Common Good of the One Common Humanity: Nor Can Anyone Change the Nature of The Foundation: The Foundation Aspires to Exist Flowing Through Time with the Ever-Developing, Ever-Progressing, Ever-Learning, Ever-Striving Humanity on Earth: The Nine-Step-Realm-Path: i: Imagination, ii. Prospectivity, iii: Tentativity, iv: Feasibility, v: Possibility, vi: Onwardineity, vii: Probability, viii: Certainty and ix: Reality: Humanics, Human Enterprise, Humanicsovics, Humanicsovicsopia, Humanical Society, The Humanion an all other ideas and concepts in all these and The Foundation began at Imagination and grew on travelling through this path and began 'becoming', which has now resulted in all these becoming a Reality: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd has been founded on Humanics

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 Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: One-For-All and One-For-All
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Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: A Human Enterprise: A Company Ltd by Guarantee: Registered in England and Wales as Not for Profit Social Enterprise: Company No: 11346648

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Humanity Is An Infinity Unfolding Itself: Infinity It Has And It Is In: Imagination: Ingenuity: Creativity: Empathy: Love: Care: Compassion: Oneness: Diversity: Connectedness: Respect: Regard