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The London Poetry Festival

 Festival Co-ordinator: Sophea Payne
Contact: SopheaPayne @thehumanionportabledaily.com

The VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15









































Kerry Schleifer Art at the VI London Poetry Festival 2017



The London Poetry Festival grew out of Poets' Letter Magazine Poetry Performance and Live Music Series that started in March 2005 at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, one year after the founding of Poets' Letter. The Performance Series went on for a few year. We had the first Festival at The Poetry Cafe in August 2005 where many of our panel of poets took part as well as a lot of other poets published in the Magazine and Poets' Letter Poetry Anthology of New Voices. We had a great memorable event.

We thought this could become a regular Annual Poetry Festival in London, a celebration of Contemporary English Poetry. And there was the second Festival in 2006 at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art:RADA, which was a resounding success. The third Festival in 2007 involved lot more poets and poetry lovers. 2nd London Poetry Festival was featured in British Satellite News Channel in 2006.

From the second Festival we developed Festival Poets in Residence Programme as part of London Poetry Festival's commitments to new, young and emerging poetic voices and offered five poets the Residencies who became the Signature presentation of the Festival. The Residencies of the 2nd Festival went to these talented poets: Alan Buckley, Dr Girija Emma Jane Shettar, Luke Wright, Malgorzata Kitowski and Philip Ruthen.

3rd Festival Residencies were given to Briony Dennis, Inua Ellams, Juli Jeana, Tom Chivers and Tricia Peak.

4th Festival Poets in Residence are : Anjan Saha, Claire Askew, Catherine Brogan, Helen Long, Nnorom Azuonye and Sharon Harriott.

5th Festival Poets in Residence are: Aiko Harman, Bryan Oliver, Christian Ward, Rebecca Atherton and Tony Fernandez

London Poetry Festival has never received, nor does it receive now, any funding from any public bodies or grant making foundations and is purely funded by Poets' Letter and the hard works, supports and contributions of the astonishing band of people: editors, poets, writers, singers, musicians, song writers, artists, PR professionals, journalists, dancers, librarians, youth workers, teachers, parents and simply people who are into living in a community that is bigger than themselves.

London Poetry Festival is here and will continue to be here in its efforts to ensure that we make a lot of poetry and music out of our living to say, show, sing and celebrate the fact that we are humans and are alive and thriving in the rainbow-humanity. This is an open invite to everyone to join us in the celebration.

A Message from Jim Fitzpatrick MP: Former Minister for London 2007

I am delighted to have been invited to join the four-day festivities of the 3rd London Poetry Festival 2007 this August to celebrate contemporary English as well as European Poetry and music.

London is a vibrant and youthful world city with a cosmopolitan and diverse rhythm, living and life style where arts and culture create worldwide resonance and reach and therefore it is reasonable to expect that it should have a Poetry Festival of its own to showcase the talents in the crafts of poetic art and performance poetry and London Poetry Festival rightly fits the bill whereby we have opportunities to come together and celebrate not only English poetry and music but also the great city London and its diverse culture, arts and offerings.

I am glad to see that a lot of European poets are taking part in this year's festivities and hope that London Poetry Festival brings the European poetry and culture to a celebratory platform in London as it continues to thrive.

I wish the festival every success and invite everyone in the relevant fields of arts to support and join in the Festival.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the opening of the Festival on 10th of August Celebrating London

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Sharon Harriott at the VI London Poetry Festival  2017: October 14-15















Partners of London Poetry Festival in Europe

These relationships with Universities of Europe started when professors of English, Poetry, Literature or Creative Writing courses at many European Universities started writing to Poets' Letter and London Poetry Festival.

First of such contact came from Dr Maria Grech Ganado, Malta and English Professor in Malta, followed by Dr Barbara Schaff at University of Munchen, Germany, who brought her whole English Poetry class to join the 2nd London Poetry Festival in 2006. Her group added an extra sense, vibration, life and dimension to the Festival atmosphere and everyone was thrilled to have them at the Festival.

Then came the contact from Dr Natalia Carbajosa that developed into a very powerful collaboration and friendship through which University of Cartagena and its English Department became a big supporter of London Poetry Festival. 

We have other connections and relationships that are still developing, not just with European Universities but other world universities from Dr Rati Saxena, India, Dr J Everet Green, The New School University, New York, America, Dr Sally-Anne Murray, University of Kwa-Zulu Nutal, Durban, South Africa and the list goes on.

We would love to develop a creative and developing link and relationship with all the English Departments of all the European Universities and the universities of the whole world. And here is our open invitation to all Heads of Departments of all English Departments: let us bring the world together, closer: creating and sharing together.

These links and relationships not only enhance and enrich us as human beings but also, at the time, bring astonishing togetherness and vibrancy by way of cross lingual translations of creative works.

Dr Natalia Carbajosa's Spanish translations of English Poetry into Spanish and English translations of Spanish Poetry could be a shining example of such wonderful works. Through her dedication, commitment and love of poetry and the wonderful support of her Head of English Department Dr Tomás López Maestre at University of Cartagena, meant that we have now three major contemporary Spanish Poets, Tomas Sanchez Santiago, Mila Ramos and Gracia Iglesias, translated and published in English and consequently, some of these poets and their translator joined the 3rd Festival in 2007 in London.

So here we are: open and warm invites to all the professors and translators at European Universities and other World Universities to join us in bringing us all together in this resonating oneness of our common humanity.

We highly appreciate and welcome all the support of our Partners in Europe
University of Cartagena

'It is an honour for the University of Cartagena to support the London Poetry Festival in the person of one of its professors, Dr Natalia Carbajosa.'

Dr. Tomás López Maestre
Head, Department of English
University of Cartagena

London Poetry Festival in Other Cities of the World

We were speaking with other poets, particularly, in Europe to get world cities organising Poetry Festivals together in which part of the London Poetry Festival is held in a particular European/World city which then comes to London Poetry Festival in London whereby increasing the opportunities for poetic and creative interchanges among all poets and creative people writing in Europe and the World.

In this we spoke with many poets including poets in Mongolia, Spain, Malta, America, Jordan, Finland, Belgium, Germany, India and more. 
We were communicating with a fellow Finnish poet, Jenni Haukio about this idea who was very positive and enthusiastic about such collaboration between poets and poetry of two cities. We left off, years ago, with the hope that we would keep thinking about it till we come back to it in the future. 
Well, that was a long time ago when Jenni Haukio was 'just a poet'! Because since than she became The First Lady of Finland as she had married the President of Finland, Honourable Sauli Väinämö Niinistö, who had survived The 2004 Tsunami! We wish all the best to both our Poet friend and The President. We hope Haukio still is a poet and is still writing.

So, here, we leave this thread open to all our friends out there in the world, particularly, for all the friends who wrote in and for, and were involved with Poets' Letter, Poets' Letter Performance Series and London Poetry Festival to get involved.

All queries regarding The VI London Poetry Festival 2016 should be sent to editor at thehumanion dot com with Subject Line: LPF 2017.
Off the Pages of History

VI London Poetry Festival 2016: October 14-17 

Because of the fact that it is like 'begin again' for London Poetry Festival, after a few years' break and to coincide The Candle Won't Blow Out Celebration of Williams Shakespeare 2016, which will continue the celebration throughout October and to take the Festival to its Spiritual Home in the Mid-Autumn-Month, in which we celebrate the National Poetry Day and the whole month as the Poetry Month, VI London Poetry Festival 2016 will take place, as usual, in an extended four-day weekend: in October 14-17 and then onwards, the Festival will always be held Annually on the same dates regardless of what days these dates fall. Therefore, poets, singers, musicians and poetry loving minds, get ready to celebrate poetry and music in which humanity finds its most awe-inspiring expressions.

July 04: 2016
The Festival Team

Apply for Poets in Residence Programme at the VI London Poetry Festival 2016: UK Poets Writing in English

As before, the VI London Poetry Festival 2016 will offer five Residencies to 'promising' poetic voices regardless of their 'age' or background. No history or list of publications or reading experience is required to be considered for the Residency. To be considered for the Residencies, please, send in five poems, not too long, in brief write a few words about yourself, add your contact details and send them to editor at thehumanion dot com.

If you are offered a Residency you shall be available for the duration of the Festival in August for four evenings so to be able to participate in the Festival Programmes and be prepared to Read as part of the Festival's Signature Presentation by the Five Resident Poets. If you are offered a Residency it shall be offered PURELY and ABSOLUTELY on the basis of the FIVE POEMS you submit and on nothing else. It does not matter where you have been published or whether you have not been published at all.

If you are offered a Residency and you have had no experience of reading you will be given ample support, guidance and coaching. 'Age': Poets must be 18 or over but what we mean by 'age' is that if someone is twenty and someone is seventy five this does not make a difference as to who gets the residency: it is purely the merits of the works submitted that shall determine who is offered the Residency. The Residencies will be offered on a First Come First Serve basis which means as and when the 5th Residency is given the Programme shall close for this Festival. 
Applications are open for UK poets writing in English

The Residency does not offer any financial reward other than the Festival will promote your works, you will be part of the Festival and form the Festival's Signature Presentation Reading in the four evening programmes, your works will be published in the Festival website and The Humanion throughout the year which you would work on as part of the Residency Programme and you will have a page on the Festival Website which shall be up so long the Festival is alive!

The Structure of VI London Poetry Festival 2016

Each Evening with Three Strands
Each Evening There will be Three Strands

Strand One: The Candle Won't Blow Out Celebration of William Shakespeare 2016

Strand Two: Poets in Residence Signature Presentation

Strand Three: General Celebration of Poetry

Apart from that there would be two other events on two evenings added to the Three Strands

Open Mic: There would be a slot for Open Mic for poets, young and old, who are starting out in poetry and poetry reading, to read. To be considered, please, send in three poems, your contact details to editor at thehumanion dot com

Poets Across Europe

Whereby we are hoping our friend and fellow poets from all of Europe might join us if they can coincide their travels to be in London around the Festival time. The Festival does not have any financial support that can be offered. 
To Read at the Festival poets are invited to send in English Translation of three of their poems, a biography and a list of their publications with the publishers' details and their own contact details. Please, send this to editor at thehumanion dot com. To be able to read at the Festival poets have to be published.

World Poetry: Poetry Without Borders

Here the entire world poets are welcome to join in and read and take part in our festivities. Here, we are hoping poets who are planning to visit London around the Festival time to coincide their plans so that they can join the Festival. Along with that there are many poets who live in the UK from all over the world and who write in their own languages. They are welcome to join in this session. It would be expected that poets, who will be reading poetry in languages other than English, would be able to provide written English translations of the works to be read so that the audience have a better enjoyment of their works. The Festival does not have any financial support that can be offered. 
To Read at the Festival poets are invited to send in English Translation of three of their poems, a biography and a list of their publications with the publishers' details and their own contact details. Please, send this to editor at thehumanion dot com. To be able to read at the Festival poets have to be published.

This year's Festival is, for the First time, FREE of tickets. There would, however, be a voluntary contribution collection for the very necessary expenses including venue hire charges, some assistance for the poets who would appreciate some support towards travelling expenses. This would only apply to UK poets. However, those who are wishing to attend should book their place by sending an email with details of people intending to attend in order to get their 'FREE' Tickets.

Therefore, nothing can stop you to join in the celebration of the VI London Poetry Festival 2016

The London Poetry Festival Team

June 01: 2016




|| October 16: 2017 || ά. Well, here is the news of The VII London Poetry Festival 2018: October 14-15. The VII Festival will offer five new and emerging poets Residencies, for which interested are welcome to apply. Details are on the Festival page. The idea is to offer the platform to these five poets and publish and promote their works throughout the year building up to and beyond the Festival. So apply early. And as we have started this year, The Festival Artist in Residence Programme, the Inaugural Resident being Kerry Schleifer this year, we have offered Residency of being The Festival Artist in Residence of The VII Festival to Dr Ramya Mohan. Dr Ramya Mohan is many an expression of a mind: of a human being, of a woman, of a mother, of a psychiatrist, of singer, of an artist, who is seeking to become, seeking to create, seeking to make sense and heal, as well as, to locate and sing the light, that feeds the wonders of this life on this Universe, which feels so much easily 'fathomable', yet it keeps on escaping all our efforts and initiatives while it keeps us absolutely spell-bound to its majesty, mystery and magnificence.

One simply cannot put up a jacket and just say to oneself, well, let me make it a 'snail-life-shell-for-life'. We have used a line from one of Rabindranath Tagore's poems: where the mind is without fear in the title of this Profile. Once a human mind reaches that light and realises its infinite potential, that is continually fed by the 'particles' and 'mini-particles' of lights of wisdom, that one keeps on gathering because one keeps on asking and seeking, that mind reaches the shore of liberty, where it is, for the first time, at absolute liberty: fear does not exist for that mind anymore for that mind has found itself at home in the Universe. And that mind is the one that a great mind seeks to become and from that they offer their luminous light to the world. Dr Ramya Mohan is on the track of that journey of becoming such a mind. And The Humanion and the London Poetry Festival present her with this hope, with this faith and with this conviction that she will continue on that path, on that journey with carrying both the earth of her sciences and the skies of her arts and combine them onto the 'sphere', that she makes of with her imagination, with her ingenuity, with her creativity, with her rationality, with her arts and with her humanity and let the world and humanity become richer for her, for her works, for her sciences, for her arts and for her being an artist. Let there be nothing but that, which speaks the truth, that which sings beauty and which does nothing to harm but seeks all to heal, enlighten and support. May she continue to 'sing' and continue to be the person, that she is: a mind without fear. And we hope throughout this Residency she will find inspirations and seek to create that what she is and she is seeking to become. Readmore











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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15




















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