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Jingoistic Political Philosophy



|| This was published in the Humanion on  May 06: 2017 || ά. This is the third piece, of a series, that The Humanion will be publishing on The General Election 2017, throughout the coming weeks. The Conservative Party has sought always to advance a political jingoism, based on the dogma that they want to advance and establish an economy of the survival of the fittest or richest and that means that they have no other interest but this. To protect, to promote, support and advance the interest of the richest, of the fittest, of the mightiest as they see the richest as. This has created an economy, where the richest are the people, who are dictating the Government Agenda. A Conservative Government is nothing but a force, that has sold its soul to meekly and faithfully support its masters: the richest, the fittest, the mightiest. That is why, over the years of two Conservative led governments, they cut billions and billions of pounds off the disabled, off the single mothers, off the child benefits and housing benefits and working and child tax credits and that is why, despite chairing a catastrophic housing crises, they did not mind paying the private landlords billions in housing benefit payments while they will dismantle social housing. For why should a jingoistic party bother about the welfare of those, ‘least fitted to exist’, about whose welfare they have no desire to waste their energy because they exist to serve their masters: the richest?

The Conservative Government has created an economy, where the majority of the people have been cut out of the wealth of the nation and the inequality and the gap between the two ends of society is such that it is simply unsustainable. In addition to all this is this: A society that is run by a government, that exists as a jingoism force to advance the survival of the fittest and richest is a society of the jungle, where society has become a ‘social jungle’, in which everything but the society, but the community exists. Jingoism is the term we are using to mean a way of thinking, that believes in ‘physical might’ or simple physiological prowess, which should and must determine the quality and extent of survival and dominance. It, further, believes, those, who are not ‘capable’ or lack that ‘might’ to survive do not have any right to survive or exist nor any duty owed to them by society and the society simply would let them suffer and perish away for they, have no ‘right’ to exist because of their ‘fault’, that they are not the fittest. This jingoism is at the heart of Conservative political philosophy. A few of the things to consider in this jingoism: letting the health and social care fall apart simply to get to a point that it all can be privatised because this jingoism tells the Conservatives that this is the biggest expenditure for the the ones that they should not 'waste' money on. And if that money could be saved they can give that back to their masters so that they pay less tax. Further, this privatisation will open up a 'market' for the richest to make a 'killing' for themselves. This is what they are after.

Their cuts have been strangling the education sector as a whole and yet why are they doing it while they, first pursued the so called 'academies', then came free schools and finally, now, the push is for grammar schools? Why does the Conservative Government want grammar schools? How many people of this country can afford to send their children to these grammar schools? While the vast majority of the children and young people go to local authority-run schools, that face a 'continual war' run against them by the Conservative Government? It is coming from the same jingoism: starve a sector, that serves the ones, that they do not care about and take it to a point so that it can be privatised, which will open up a 'killing fied' for their masters, the richest. Therefore, the Conservative obsessiveness of being 'strong and powerful' have deep rooted source, from which, it arises: the jingoism, that exists to worship the fittest, the richest, the mightiest and they are determined to serve their masters not only by saving them money and protecting them from the state 'interference' but also by opening up new fields, areas and arenas for their masters to make more money.

When they say that they are a low tax party what they effectively mean is that they will do all so not ‘burden’ the richest-fittest with higher taxes. Instead, they would give them tax breaks and to cover the short fall they will cut welfare budgets, that offers a life line to millions and millions. The media, the pundits, the so called specialist voices, the spin doctors and the entire propaganda machine of the Conservative Party do not want this to be explored, discussed or debated. Instead, they run ruthless character assassinations, brutal personal attacks and use all the manipulative mechanisms, such as polls and this and that to make everything into a personality cult thing. And here the media culture has become such that they have created a cemented jacket, which they wear at all time, so that every new edition of a particular media outlet is a replication of yesterday, in which they had replicated the previous day’s editions.

This Conservative Party exists to continue to seek to keep in place this jungle of the jingoists, where they are owned by the rich and the richest and they want to keep everything in this state while the majority of the people of this country are made to pay the price of that jingoistic, dogmatic and absolutely ruthless, cruel, brutal, inhumane and uncivilised system of governance, that says society, government, state and everything else exist simply to ensure the fittest or the richest continue to swell while the majority waste away suffering and paying for this dinosaur-political-philosophy, that should have been buried in the depth of dark history’s archives. And yet, the Conservative Party has money because the richest and the fittest want them to keep guard for their interests so that they are able to use propaganda and simply offer untruths and manipulation-brewed statements and presentations on all fronts available to them, that are absolutely beyond belief: such as they are one nation party, they are for the working people, they are the party to fight everyday injustices, that they are compassionate and so on and so forth.

And they have large and powerful media to run their ‘crusade’ against any and all other political forces, that stand against the Conservative Party. Humanity, care, compassion, duty, responsibility, togetherness and common goals for common goods, civic, civic duties and responsibilities, these sort of things cannot feature on someone’s vocabulary if that someone stands up and says that she:he believes, stands for and works for the maintenance of the survival of the fittest or richest. Does this, this survival of the fittest or richest, not mean that the following groups of the poor, are not fit to exist or survive because they have set out their goal to let the weakest fall down and take all that they are given and continue to exist and suffer and pay the price of this jingoism: people, who are poor and they are the majority: people, who are disabled; people, who are elderly and frail; people, who are pensioners; people, who have young children; poor young people; people, who are suffering from many illnesses; women suffering from vary many ills including un-equal pay and many other discriminations; the working poor; the children and the young; the single mothers; and the rough-sleeping homeless; and the homeless, wasting away at bed and breakfast nightmares; and the homeless, who live under the sword of becoming homeless because they live in privately rented properties.

Add this , the others, the vast majority of the pensioners, who do not have a ‘rich pension’, the vast number of the elderly, frail and disabled elderly people, the entire segment of society of people with disabilities. Furthermore, the Conservative jingoistic political philosophy has been able to create a mythological sociological psyche -jacket of self-delusion so that they are able to make the poor believe that they are not poor. What is a teacher, say, a newly qualified teacher on a salary of just edging upward of about 20,000 thousand a year? Add to that, that teacher’s liabilities of the loan that she:he has taken in order to study. In most part of the country they cannot ever buy a house. So they rent: even if they rent a room, say, in London, they will spend the better part of their salary in rent. The money they are left with is the statement of a figure that says: British teachers are probably some of the poorest in the advanced economies. But if one speaks with these teachers, one might be surprised as to what they think about their state. They probably won’t describe themselves as poor. Now you go and count more: social workers, nurses, ancillary workers, office workers, secretaries, receptionists, journalists, not the ones, who have made themselves into a brand and are able to sell that brand at a high price, café workers, supermarket workers, cleaners, youth and play workers, dinner ladies, workers in arts and culture and media and the list goes on. What about all these people and professions: what are they? Are they not living in working poverty? But the Conservative Party is able to feed society with this myth that ‘the poor’ are everyone else and not you. And why are you not poor? ‘’ Because, we, the Conservative Party, are telling you so.’’

‘’The Mythology of How Rich the People of the UK Are: Out of 63,181,000, 2011 Census, 40%, That's About 25,272,800, of the Working Age Population Has Less Than £100 in Savings and More Than 01.7 Million People in the UK Do Not Even Have a Bank Account.’’ This is the latest report from a Parliamentary Committee. If 40% of the people of the UK do not even have a saving of £100 what are these people? What are their financial and economic standing? Are they not poor? Now, let us invite the readers, we do not have any statistics on this, say, we take the savings to a £1000. How many people, in terms of percentage of the population have this much saving? One can only ponder and realise how far, far, far apart the truth, the reality of the UK from the mythology, that the Conservative Party and its supporting media outlets and all its propaganda has been able to create, sustain and maintain and that helps it to win elections, where the poor are persuaded to vote as someone, who is hitting the water with a sword while being in the water so that the sword goes and injures the person using the sword. Therefore, when the Conservative Party forms the government they attack these very poor, who voted for them. This is the greatest irony of all times that the Conservative Party is probably the most successful political party in terms of how to manipulate the media and the entire apparatus of public communication and create a mythology and is able to sell it to the those, who should run million miles away from the Conservative Party.

But the Conservative media does not speak about this. Instead, you seek to read from the Conservative press and media outlets and you find that this country is rich and everyone is rich and there is nothing to worry about. Instead, join in the band wagon of why one must begin to rage with hatred about any other political party or their leaderships or their leaders while the fact is this that, despite what they seek to do, the parties in opposition, do not get to do anything from the point of view of exercising ‘power’. It is the Government in power that does do things that impacts and dictates people’s lives. And this Conservative Government, its leaderships, including its current leader, Mrs May, has been doing that but they are able to successfully blame everyone else and direct their assassination attempts to all the leaders and the opposition. This is absolutely mind boggling. And the country, over these last few years has been brought down to its gasping breaths by what the jingoism of the Conservative Party has been doing but the Conservative media outlets are speaking of a Conservative landslide in this election. This can only be described as the mass-mobilising-social-oblivion-created hypnotism, in which, you follow the mantra: you create a mythology and repeat it in every possible front and sphere and then repeat this every single day so that the social sphere begins to lose the sense of what is real and what is not and then it would be hard for society to differentiate between them and the mythology is accepted as the truth.

This jingoism of the Conservative Party can be seen in this fact that they cut and they have been cutting, because they believe in ‘austerity’, which means, the part of society, that must do so is, that has no right to survive, to exist or to expect any support from society, because they are not the fittest-richest but the weakest, because they want to ‘cut’ the size of the Government: why do they want to cut the size of the government:? Because the less there is the Government can and does do the better of the richest-fittest are and chances are, a great deal of the public services offer services to those, who are not the fittest. Therefore, their cuts are universal and it has been wounding almost all the services. And that means that the very fundamental architecture of governance in the United Kingdom, its local government governance ecology, has been devastated by the Conservative Government.

The jingoism does not want that to continue to be the ‘vehicle’ to offer ‘civic’ and public services to those, they do not care about. For the majority of the services, that the local authorities provide are not taken up by the richest-fittest. Thus, these jingoistic cuts have devastated this architecture of civic and public services. The Conservative media and other parts of the media, which think they are independent but they, too, are following the agenda, that has been set by the Conservative supporting media, are simply doing everything to direct the attention of the country and the people to pointless, irrelevant and poisonous propaganda. If anyone goes to any UK publication website one simply would find that these outlets do not live in the real world, where things have been falling apart and causing immense devastations and yet there is no sign on it in the media. There are voices, who are supposed to be journalists but all one gets are bundles of regurgitated opinions, baseless and evidence-less, and which are, simply utter personal prejudices, set and punctuated with the venom of persistent but baseless hatred against their targets. No one is speaking about the issues, the realities and everyone is going mad about the fixated personality cult, seeking to assert the false, venomous, abusive and hostile opinions as the truth.

‘’86% of the Savings the Treasury Has Made From Tax and Benefit Changes Have Fallen on Women: A Million Working Households Claiming Housing Benefit Because Their Wages Aren’t Enough to Pay the Rent. And There are Three Million Working Families, Who Simply Rely on Tax Credits to Make Ends Meet. This is Modern Britain.’’ Who has been doing this? The Conservative Government but they are not being discussed? No one is saying anything about the grotesque level of inequality and the impossible gap between the richest and the poorest but most fundamentally, the fact that the most of the wealth of this nation is owned by a tiny percentage of the richest. Well, the Conservative Jingoism stands for that but that jingoism has nothing to do with humanity, civility and civic and civilisation. When a society says that it exists to support the survival and dominance of the fittest and richest, it actually becomes worse than a jungle.

And the Conservative Jingoism exists to create, maintain and support such a jingoistic socio-political sphere and culture of a ‘social’ jungle, where society and community simply are killed off for a society is the essence of civilisation, that cannot call itself such, if it says: the mightiest, the richest are the fittest, who have the ‘divine’ right to exist and the rest, even if they are the majority, must pay for being weak, suffer and perish and they cannot expect any support or assistance for they have no right to exist because they are the weakest. This is the essence of the strong and powerful Conservative Party. No wonder their current leader is repeating this mantra of being strong and powerful. But the Conservative Jingoism is such that it is not the Conservative Party or the Government it leads, that is powerful but the mightiest, the richest, the fittest, who are while the Conservative Party and a Conservative Government are subservient to them, who pay for their propaganda so that they can manipulate people to see things in the way they are manipulated to do, that do not reflect the reality. The Conservative Party is such an entity that exists as the weakest Government because they exist to serve their mighty owners: the richest, the fittest and the mighty.











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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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