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Dehumanisation of Humanity: On the Sociology of Evil


|| This was first published in Sociology in The Humanion on May 28: 2017 || ά. Picking the thread from what has been written about the Sociology of Evil, let us try and see what it is, that is being called as the sociology of evil. The term evil has many meanings, but readers will quickly think of the 'religious' definition of evil. Where as in this piece, Sociology of Evil does not intend to invoke any religious sense of the term evil. Here, evil is used as a real state, that can be found in all the spheres of society, that is essentially antagonistic to what is deemed as 'social good' or 'common good', or 'general good'. So, a 'good sociological state' is, suppose, in a case, when a child is hurt, the state suggests and makes it an imperative for anyone, who is able to do so, in the sense that, those at the immediate vicinity of the incident, will do everything in their power to aid the hurt child. Or widening it further, that ensuring the safety, well being and protection from harms, of all children is a state of good. Where as evil state would be to do the opposite and deliberately lets, supports and strengthen everything so that the opposite of good or evil becomes stronger.

Sociology of evil is not imaginary or unreal but very much real and no one can deny that this state of evil does exist because there are many instances of things, events, acts, deeds, where one can not see any good in them but the absolute opposite of what is good being expressed in such things. And like good acts or good deeds inspires others to follow and do and be more good, the evil acts and deeds, too, do a similar job, except here a new term has been created to describe that, to despire. When evil acts and deeds are celebrated by their followers and they use these to recruit more to the evil ways or paths they are seeking to 'despire' people to feel strengthened by these horrific examples of evil, that they do not see as horrific because they have got the yardstick upside down so that what is good to many is not good in their eyes so that what is evil to most eyes  to them they look and are good. And having seen that evil acts and deeds the followers of such evils are 'despired' to follow and do and be more evil and they seek to use these evil acts and deeds to despire others to follow the evil suit.

Now, good essentially relates to states of what we call humanity. These states or straits or characteristics, forming what is termed as 'good', are seen being expressed in natural human beings, that we call humanity. And there are a range of states or qualities or characteristics, that show or express humanity and put them all together one might say, these straits, characteristics, qualities make what humanity is constituted with and by. In other words, humanity is good, except here we find the 'thorn' in that good, that there exists a lower end, in this humanity, should it fail to choose to rise above it and roam in higher plains of existence and guard that state so that one does not fall downhill to the lower end, where it appears the 'evil' seems to fester on, seeking and keeping a 'wigil', for the human soul to 'falter' and fall and get fed to become strong and rise to take over humanity. And therefore, there is this duality in humanity and, paradoxically, that is where the choice lies and that is where the so called 'free will' resides. If there is no bad or evil, than good can be seen as a white blank piece of paper where one is writing with white ink. Thereby, here is the choice and here is free will and both signify that humans choose to the form and manner of existence so that they choose that form and posit that possibility of Being and Becoming Good, that is set and structured against and apart from what is evil and now that one has created a lamp against the dark one now clearly can see where the border lies and one keeps on choosing that light and strengthening that light so that it illumines brighter and illumines further so that one can see further and clearer.

In looking at the sociology of evil we must look at a good state: which exists in a spectrum so that, being kind or kindness is a state that spreads out. What is the 'evil state', that is opposite of that state of kindness? Imagine that a state of cruelty as a darkness. The closest point where this state of cruelty reaches the farthest state of kindness is such point where kindness would be the weakest and cruelty, too, would be at its weakest. But from here if one goes towards the centre of cruelty one will get to find this state is getting stronger and stronger and if one starts from that weak-point juncture and walks towards the central region of kindness state one will find kindness is becoming stronger and stronger. Now, when the state of kindness is well set and society is a field and spheres of infinity of expressions and exercises of that state of kindness it inspires everyone else and makes them stronger to be more powerful with and in their kindness and their observance, thoughts, imagination, creation, actions, interactions, interchanges, acts and deeds of kindness for this kindness is expressed in all these various mediums of expressions, that in turn can be seen as the lamp of kindness becoming stronger and brighter so that it illumines further and the illumination is stronger even at the furthest end whereby that will make the cruelty state retreat further and nearer the end of the kindness state it will become fainter and fainter as it retreats.

And this is why one act of kindness inspires many many acts of kindness and it does not stop there: it becomes literally as if one needed to light up a candle and another offers them theirs so that the person lights up and the lamp is kept on an on going, from one to the other, travelling on and on, lighting more and more candles of kindness, whereby it lights candles, one after another candle and it keeps on getting passed on. Such a society makes an eternal fountain of that state of kindness and it gets stronger and stronger and its lights illumines further and further and illumines things brighter and for further and whereby it presses away, rejects and repels the state of cruelty to retreat so that there is created a state, a 'no one's space' between kindness and cruelty, that acts as a shield so that cruelty now cannot even touch the last frontier of the kindness state and, further, that even beyond this shield, cruelty begins to get weakened and retreats further and further as it kept getting weaker and weaker.

Now, this demonstrates the point that a society that fosters this state of kindness is effectively making it impossible for cruelty to take on humanity, fight, defeat and triumph over it. Because the state of kindness is so strong and because of this it has created this shielding state between itself and cruelty and made cruelty weaken so far and so much that it has retreated at the furthest point. But, on the other hand, when society begins to get weaken and kindness begins to get weaken because people are beginning to not show kindness and that means an absence of kindness will begin to exist, which essentially means that the light of kindness has almost died way and the sphere has gone almost dark and now one can see the the darkness of cruelty is shining brightly dark and this non-lit sphere where kindness is absent is now reflecting that dark cruelty's strengths so that cruelty will begin to replace the absence of kindness and acts of cruelty will begin to take place and like acts of kindness these acts of cruelty will strengthen the state cruelty and it will get embolden and stronger, which means the state kindness will literally be eaten away from outside in as an island is eaten away by the rising ocean.

Now the state of kindness is such that if it exists one cannot but feel it and 'see' it. If it does not exist than what replaces it is the negation of kindness but that does not mean it is replaced by cruelty as of this point. It is like when one is in someone's house, where one is not attacked with cruelty or violence but where no one even notices that this person is there as if this person does not even exist there and no one cares that this person is in need of assistance or help for which that person has gone there. This is a state where kindness is absent and that is enough for this human being to run away from such a place, even though it is such where kindness is absent but cruelty has not yet replaced it but is poised to begin and take over. It is like the white paper that was written in the ink of kindness has been wiped blank and because of this wiping out the cruelty state surrounding the paper is shinning darker and stronger the white blank paper will appear dim and there will begin to take place acts of cruelty in situations, where people are not only not showing or living in kindness but they are simply becoming 'tolerant' and 'accepting' of cruelty or even 'expecting' cruelty and they become indifferent to both.

Now this state of indifference, non care, or damn care can be seen as if cruelty is a fire and one is pouring patrol over it by these states so that the dark fire will rise and get stronger and darken more and far and wide so that that white blank paper created by the absence of kindness is now literally being eaten away into the darkness and than cruelty will rise, rise in quantity as well as quality so that it will show through and strangle every sphere and soon the entire sphere of society is engulfed in this dark state of dark cruelty. This can be seen as this. In a dark place there is a luminous glass, in which, there is 99.99% light and 00.01% dark. The state of kindness is 99.9% of light and the state of cruelty 00.01% When state of kindness disappears there is void but because of the void the 00.01% darkness will appear much more and much more powerful and stronger and than as cruelty acts and deeds rise in quantity and quality this glass will gradually be filled by cruelty where now it will fill more and more and become 99.99% dark where the 00.01% might still be kindness and it will continue to be fought and eaten and erased away so that the state of kindness will have to be found in almost hypothetical level of existence.

But the states, straits, qualities, characteristics and properties of humanity is not just kindness but many, such as graciousness, love, care, compassion, thoughtfulness, consideration, contemplation, faith, hope, beliefs in good and people's inherent goodness, friendship, giving, optimism, positivity, helpfulness, generosity, sense of togetherness, sense of connectedness, sense of oneness, sense of belonging and conviction of positive of both being and doing good and much more. Now, readers are welcome to imagine, the parallel of each of these human quality and their opposite evil state following as has been described happening with the state of kindness and state of cruelty. And now when in all these states, humanity looses out and gets defeated by the evil states humanity and society are literally killed off and in its place comes into existence  a state, which is no nothing but the reign of terror of the ultimate all-powerful, all-engulfing and all-encompassing evil, that rules over nothing but the physiologies of humanity, that than, exists simply as and at the lowest possible level of evil and it goes deeper and deeper into the depth of the abyss of the darkest of evil. And humanity has too much evidence in its history to find the most horrifying, most vicious and most dark examples of such state existing.

Now, when society begins to move away from, say, what is 'civic' it moves away from a state, that supports all the good states, straits, qualities, properties and characteristics of humanity so that this society does not encourage, support, foster, empower 'humanity' in short, and thus, it becomes fertile ground for inhumanity or evil to begin to get stronger and stronger and the state of humanity weaker and weaker and eventually, the entire social sphere and all the sub-spheres in it, are taken over by all the states, that can simply be said as evil. What kind of a state: say, is it that there is no social protection in a society, where if one does not or cannot work one simply dies hungry and homeless and in illnesses while others live in homes and work and can support themselves? What kind of humanity will such a society inspire? If, say, that there is no pension for those, who are beyond the age to work. That means that society lets these people to simply starve, suffer and die away in agony. What kind of humanity will such society foster in, both those, who are suffering and those, who are not suffering but living well off? Imagine that there is no social care for anyone and people are let to fend for themselves? Imagine that there is no national health service. Imagine that there is not national education service. Imagine that there is no law and anyone with money can buy the courts and the entire judiciary and anyone can get away with any crime because they have money or power etc.

Imagine, there is no social services to protect, support and look after the vulnerable children. Imagine that there is no art, no civic services and everything and everyone is left out there on there own to fend for themselves and they struggle and suffer and succumb to the end. What kind of a society will it be? What kind of inhumanity, how many and how much crimes and evils will take place in such a society? What kind of humanity will that society support or can do, the fostering of? Will anyone fail to see the rise and reign of evil in such an evil place? That is a society, where humanity is struggling to find oxygen, where carbon monoxide has replaced most of the oxygen so that that feeds the evil and that effectively chokes off and kills off humanity for humanity is dead if all the states, straits, qualities, properties and characteristics, that make it, are eliminated. And then we are left with nothing but the strongest of evil and that is the sociology of evil and this state exists  when things fall apart and hatred grows, violence grows; cruelty, brutality and barbarity find no limit.

This is the sociology of evil and it gets created, supported, fostered, nurtured and enhanced and strengthened by a society that has decided to move away from being and seeking to continue to be civic. Therefore, a civic society is the one that keeps the sociology of evil locked away in that mythical 'bottle' and a civic society continues to be more civic and more enlightened and more humane so that all states, straits, qualities, properties and characteristics of humanity are enhanced, strengthened and empowered so that the lamp of humanity gets stronger and brighter and goes further and illumines clearer furthest and as it does so so that evil in the bottle finds less and less room inside the bottle and it shrinks and it retracts and it becomes weaker and weaker as it finds less and less oxygen to breathe but more and more carbon monoxide. This literally means that what strongest evil does to humanity the strongest humanity does the same to evil. And in this sense, the mythical terms, describing the struggle between good and evil is not as far fetched and mythical as we might feel inclined to see it as.

And this sociology of evil exists in all public spheres: political, judicial, economic, social, cultural and spiritual and they influence, direct, force, shape and determine the nature, type, direction and quality of both the private and public domains of the individual, family, community and social spheres, so that when these domains in these spheres fail to nurture, foster, enhance, empower, strengthen, promotes and supports all states, straits, qualities, properties and characteristics of humanity they all feed the sociology of evil to grow and grow stronger and stronger and take on, fight, defeat and destroy humanity through dehumanisation of all kinds, forms, shapes, manners, expressions and ways. Dear Reader, this piece is not to frighten anyone off, but bring to light one of the most profound problems, philosophy has sought to seek to understand, the Sociology of Evil is such a work, that has gathered dust-photons for decades, forming part of our works of, in, with and by thoughts and become this and it is very much hoped that readers see the illuminating eternal lamp of our deepest conviction and faith in humanity and feel inspired. For this work, Sociology of Evil, will not have been attempted, unless the author had the absolute belief and faith in the absolute majestic and infinite power of humanity to do and be nothing but good infinitely. There are billions and billions of such acts and deeds of goodness of humanity, that are taking place across the world every day and across the United Kingdom, the latest of which goodness of humanity has been shown to the world by the City, Community, People and Society of Manchester, inspiring the entire country and nation in goodness and humanity, against the brutal, barbaric, callous and evil acts of some terrorist criminals whatever they call themselves, causing such devastations to so many innocent and young lives and devastating and touching an entire people, entire community and entire city. Manchester and United Kingdom have shown the world how magnificent humanity is and how astonishing this fact is that we are and can claim to be human.























































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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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