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Cosmography: Unveiling a Country: Waiting for a Nation State Government Laws and Philosophy




Logical viewpoint would point to an almost infinite space that we call the Universe on or in which we find our Blue Planet floating away as it goes around its axis every day while orbiting the Sun as it spins around. The immediate space in which we find the globe rotating is the Solar System which is formed around the gravitational and electromagnetic force region to which there are planets, to which the Earth is one, that orbit the sun. At the furthest corner of this tiny space inhabits a dwarf planet, Pluto, which is about 5, 913,520,000 km away!

Looking beyond this space, let's give her a human name: call her Sunnara, this new country of humanity, fondly lighted, heated and cradled by the burning Sun, we find a much wider and bigger space that we call the Milky Way which houses our home Sunnara, in a vast expanse of multi dimensional space spectacularly bewildered by more than 200 billions (estimates range between 200 and 400 billions stars!) stars that are gigantic in sizes among which the Sun is just a tiny dwarf star! Sunnara lies at the peripheral end of the galaxy, which is approximately 28,000 light years from the centre of the Galaxy!

The diameter of Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light years or there about! We are not writing about the Milky Way as Astronomers would write, therefore, leave the science bit of our exploration and try to enter another domain of discussion which we have been calling as Cosmography.

Suffice to say that Milky Way is a tiny dot in terms of what other Galaxies, clusters of them are thriving and living out there, about which we have minuscule knowledge and understanding, let alone those galaxies, we do not know much about our own Galaxy Milky Way, and to be frank, our system, to which we devote our whole life time, does not give much importance to this at all and therefore, we do not see resources going into the studies of sciences, mathematics and geo-physics that we need to develop our knowledge, understanding and to go with it, make the necessary technological advances! No, we are busy doing lot of other things that are our utter preoccupation.

So here we are faced with a space that spreads across the void indefinitum, 100,000 light years! This distance is almost impossible for our finite human minds to actually grasp. We can gather a slight degree of vague empathy as to the vastness of the distance just to acquire enough sense to create a sense of the reality.

Now we invite you to zoom in so that we could locate our home, Sunnara in this vast entity of space and objects going through three-directional spinning round and we locate a dot. If we magnify the space many times over we could now see little dots in vast darkness where we find at the centre this almost eternal lamp burning away: the Sun and the little planets that have little moons and things are working perfectly well.

And here we see our Blue Planet and here now we have got our goings on that do not at all take anything else into consideration about the Universe! Forget about the Universe or Milky Way or even Sunnara we do not even think about the Earth as one little entity. We are so many nations, so many nationalities, so many states and governments, so many maps and mental traps of multi faceted identities that we are not one in our human identity. We human beings are all and everything but a nation of humanity or a humanion. We are fragmented into pseudo boxes that are made of illusory borders and political illusions!

On this scale of things one can really see things in perspective and is forced to question the vary foundation of our system of governance, structures of our functionality and the fallacy of our philosophical ideas and impotence of our political and cultural mechanics and foundation of our political morality.

We have nations, states, governments and bodies in layers comprising of neighbourhoods, localities, provincials, regional, national, supranational, multinational and international that brings us back to the question: where is the humanity in it? Where is the nation that should occupy, lead, manage, develop, nurture and foster this country of Sunnara where humanity practices its common purpose that offers them fair and equal opportunities to live and work for a meaning of their living? Where is the state for this landscape that is not a flat map? Where is the government for the management and leadership of this space and this nation that is yet to be prepared and shaped up to be ready to take up new challenges? Where are the political, social, cultural, philosophical and moral values and most importantly, where is the philosophy on which everything should be based upon!

We do not even have a body that represents and can claim legitimately to be the government of this globe! No one is bothered about the lack of even the idea that the globe needs a government for the nation of humanity and for the country that Sunnara is.

The United Nations is the closest entity that could be made into such a body only if we the broken-to-pieces-humanity come together to realise that it is time we begin to change the way we think and identify ourselves. The United Nations ought to be reshaped and remade on a totally different philosophy and structure where these village governments do not get to become members but each individual member of the humanion is a member of this body and this body becomes the government of not only for the Globe but also for Sunnara and lead humanity to the process of resolving grievances and issues that have been left unresolved between so called nations on earth. In this process we could resolve these issues that are causing hatred to germinate and grow like wild bush fires and this resolution can only be done by reliving, retelling, re-examining, analysing and finally understanding so that these issues could be put away sealed as forgiven, forgotten and therefore, resolved and we all are now ready to be members of this new nation of humanity. No hatred, no resentment, no rivalry, no jealousy, no animosity, no competition but a common sense and purpose. For finding some guidance and wisdom for this, one ought to think of South African experiences of truth and reconciliation which should take place between and among all nations.

When Sheraton Hotel is spending a lot of money in designing their first Lunar Sheraton, Richard Branson's Virgin Space Holiday Programme is on its way to becom a reality and Russia in order to generate cash to support its space programme and research offering space tourism flights to the ultra rich; is it not about time, we wonder what are the laws and systems that would regulate and support this expansion into space! How are these expansions going to impact on our lives, and if not regulated, how these might open up catastrophes in cosmic scale from which nothing could save us!

It is not in too distant a time in the future, probably few decades ahead, there would be space tourism starting from the moon and spreading to other planets. There would be lunar camps and facilities where students would go and live, study and research. There would be time when the whole Sunnara is going to be explored the way people went about learning and knowing more about the Earth in the recent past centuries! These activities would generate pollution and a whole lot of other political, social, cultural, scientific and moral issues that we do not have the systems, mechanisms, apparatus, laws and law enforcement bodies and a philosophical framework that could prepare us to deal with. People are selling space on the moon for gift, issuing gift vouchers! They are selling space on the Mars, too! How these are going to create problems in future in terms of claiming ownerships on these so called purchases! This might sound like joke today but these could produce serious difficulties and we do not have mechanism to deal with any such things. These are no longer science fiction issues! The countries of the world that have the scientific knowledge, explorative experiences and most importantly, the required technological abilities as well as political power and structures in addition to will and determination to go out there and declare the supremacy first and therefore, would end up like the land lords of the universe keeping the whole of humankind under their control and manipulative prowess unless we are now able to do something about it so as to be able to avoid that.

In order to take up the challenges that humanity is forced up to accept and act upon, we first of all need to become one: "we the people" must now be woken up and say: "We the Humanity is One" and if we need to call it a nationality, call it humanion, the nation of humanity that occupies this planet and that our planet is part of our country Sunnara.

Our country can no longer be UK or America, or South Africa or India, Japan or Egypt. These are our little villages from where we venture out into this new country.

Under the current atmosphere and system of economics and governance we are drowned in hatred, resentment, wars and conflicts, bloodshed, famines, droughts, lack of vital and fundamental necessities and amenities and the absolute supreme reign of lack of education and awareness as well poverty while another part of the world is living in utter excess and wasting and abusing resources. All these are feeding more hatred that is supported by bigotry, prejudices, made up "knowledge" , lies, myths against other nations and the history of colonisation, of wars, of massacres, of exploitation, of brutality, of slavery, of imposition, of abuse of power, of impacts of corruption and collusion, of a whole range of other issues that do not help but reinforce the divide and continual increase of more lethal hatred. Humanity ought to begin the process of its own Truth and Reconciliation Process so that it "purifies" itself of all the blood and destruction, of all the death and pain, of all the suffering and agony, it caused to its own members (nation to nation, group to group, tribe to tribe, religion to religion, party to party, region to region, this to that and so on) and in this process the so called nations get buried and at the funeral of these boxes of identities a new nation of humanity, a humanion comes out to take up its role to develop this new country and its nation with all that they need to prepare them to take up the challenges that previous humanity could not even imagine or understand.











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  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015











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