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The Rules of The Humanion Community Market

Shop at Community Market

01: You join The Market as a Trader, meaning that you are trading within the UK and:or International Law and are either a 'Lawful' 'Agency' of an Individual Human Being or a 'Lawful' business entity. You join The Market by paying a one-off Joining Fee. Anyone, such as, an author, an artist, a singer, a musician, an antique seller, or, a business, such as, a bookshop, a musical instrument shop, a community shop, a restaurant, a cafe, any other business.

a: Individual Person, 03.00, Three Pounds Only
b: Small Business: 100.00, One Hundred Pounds Only
c: Community: Voluntary: Charity: Community Interest Company: Not For Profit: 10.00, Ten Pounds Only
d: Medium Business: 500.00, Five Hundred Pounds Only
e:  Large Business: 2,000.00, Two Thousand Hundred Pounds Only

That's all you need to pay to join and there's no other fees to be paid for staying a Member of The Market. This payment is simply to establish that you, as individual or you, as a business are:is a legal entity and the payment is the best way to prove that that is what you are. As you decide to join you make the payment, following which we shall add you in The Market and display your products and services on your webpage on The Market, working with you in the process.

02: How much does it cost

a: Individual Person: Any item, less than 05.00, you do not pay anything, any item, less than 10.00, 50 Pence per item. Any item, valuing over 10.00 you pay 01.00 for every 10.00 price bracket. Any item over 50.00 you would begin to pay a 50 Pence Administration Charge for each item sold.
b: Small Business: Items under 10.00: 02.00, under 20.00: 4:00, thereafter, Items over 50-100, you pay a flat payment of 05.00. Items over 100.00 you pay 10.00. An Admin Charge of 50 Pence will be payable for each transaction.
c: Community: Voluntary: Charity: Community Interest Company: Not For Profit: 01.00, One Pound Only: You pay Nothing other than an Admin Charge of 01.00 per transaction.
d: Medium Business: You pay 15% of the item price and a 01.00 Admin Charge
c:  Large Business: You pay  25% of the item price and an Admin Charge of 02.00 for items under 100.00 and 05.00 for items between 100.00 and 500.00 and 10.00 for items over 500.00

This money will be deducted from the price The Customer has paid for The Item in question. There is NO OTHER CHARGE OR FEE Whatsoever.

03: Once you join The Market we organise your page and bring about the products and services you offer for sale. If, you are a bookshop, you add all your available stock on our system. If, you are a Restaurant or Cafe or Bar you can add all your menu items and sell your food for customers to go and collect from you restaurant or cafe or bar or you, may, deliver the food to the Customer.

04: Once you have joined The Market You must provide us with all Contact Details, including, a named person, who would deal with Customer Queries and a Contact Telephone Number,  for The Customer, which shall be displayed on the page, where your products and services are listed. With that we shall need a copy of your Return and Dispute Resolution Statement with all the relevant and necessary information.

05: This is a Must that you do not send The Customer emails from a nameless person, such as, A Team; rather that you would send emails from a named person, a legal name, such as, Andrea Anderson and not from some Cathy, Tom, Ahmed or Omalelu etc.

06: That emails must be sent from an email address to which The Customer can respond to and get an answer about any issue. This email must contain all the contact details of the Company and the name of the Person responsible for Customer Service.

07: The Market always shall promote your physical location in reality, in real life and, in real community settings: this means that, we are seeking to encourage people to register the reality and those getting to know your presence shall visit your real shop or outlet. If, you were an individual, while doing business there are certain information about you, that are always available for the public as per normal business practice. For customers this same principle applies that everyone enters and browses and shop in good faith, in civility, courtesy, human dignity and warmth as you would do on reality while shopping: we treat everyone with this human dignity wherever we are being and doing, including, online. Like you, people, who are selling and serving you with your orders are real people like you and they live in reality, in families and communities just the way you do. As you write a letter the way you speak you leave your marks online exactly that way: the way you are as a human being. Leave your marks as the best that you are for all to get inspired by regardless of the fact that you, may, never, get to meet the people, serving you.

08: How does The Market work: Once your Outlet is up and running on The Market your products and services are being sold online from it. You are automatically notified of the sale and you supply the Customer immediately within the Declared time frame by which you said you were to supply The Customer. The Customer, Must, let The Market know that The Item has reached them. Only at this point you shall be paid for The Item Sold. Ideally, this Window of Paying you is reasonably to be expected to be paid as per mutual arrangement with you: this means that it could be once a week or once a month but that it would be in arrears of a week or a month: because The Customer Payment must have the time to be transacted and The Fund reached us, which takes a little time.

09: The Idea of The Market is to support all businesses, particularly, those small and medium businesses, community-based and voluntary groups and individuals, particularly, all the authors, artists, singers, musicians and other creative people to be able to sell their offering to people and get known to and by and connected to real people in real communities and in real society and it does not have to be all dehumanised, mechanised and horrendously 'draining', desolate and desert-like and it does not cost the people obscene amount of money being cut off their sales.

Join The Humanion Community Market As Individual: 03.00
Join As Small Business: 100.00
Join As Community: Voluntary: Community Interest Company: Charity: Not For Profit: 10.00
Join As Medium Business: 500.00
Join As Large Business: 2,000.00

Individual Person: Joining Fee to The Humanion Community Market: 3.00: Three Pounds Only



Thank You for Joining The Market: Enjoy Reading The Humanion


Small Business: Joining Fee to The Humanion Community Market: 100.00: One Hundred Pounds Only



Thank You for Joining The Market: Enjoy Reading The Humanion


Community: Voluntary: Charity: Community Interest Company: Not For Profit: Joining Fee to The Humanion Community Market: 10.00: Ten Pounds Only



Thank You for Joining The Market: Enjoy Reading The Humanion


Medium Business: Joining Fee to The Humanion Community Market: