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The Vision and Philosophy of Humanics



Humanics: Building-Block Foundational Human Rights

Rehumanisation Machination Manipulation
Herding Commoditisation Directing
Enslavement Puddle-Gathering Disempowering
Disenfranchising Fragmenting Dismantling
Disconnecting Disorientating Dislocating
Sand-Grain Collectives Perpetual Persecution Poverty-Wage
Punishment Social Security Where It Is Available Destitution Warrant Where Social Security Is Not Available Vilification of the Poor
Demonising of the Disabled Maltreatment of the Ill Frail and Elderly Demonising of the Mentally Ill
Cruelty to the Young Demonising of Minorities Intolerance and Hostility to Those Seeking Sanctuary
Destruction of Self and Personhood Destruction of Families Weakening of Communities
Weakening of Agencies and Organisations Infinite Greed Infinite Profiteering
Endless Consumption Mob Physiologies

End of Cruelty: End of Poverty

Right to Nutritional Food and Drink End Homelessness
Right to Degree Level Education and Life-Long Learning Guaranteed Universal Income Right to Guaranteed Home
End Jingoistic Political Philosophy Prehumanical Society Humanical Society
Kapitalawnomics Pseudonomics Civic Society
The Grid of Humanical Civilisation Slavery Feudalism
Capitalism Imperialism Colonialism
The Person The Family The Networks of Families
Agencies and Organisations Community Society
Liberty and Equality Meaning and Purpose Human Enterprise
Humanicsxian Economics Humanicsovicsopia Humanicsovics
Foundation People Parliament National People Parliament Humanionship
Belongingship Opinion Fascism Fascisomisation of Democracy
Majoritarian Mob Dictatorships The Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism Jingoistic Political Philosophy
Jingoistic Political Economics High-Cruelties High-Barbarities
High-Brutalities Live-In-Life-Sentence Economics of Squalors
Sociology of Squalors Sociology of Evil Anti-Nature Gradient of Capitalism
Nature's Gradient System The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019: The Humanicsxian Manifesto The Architectonics
The Architectures The Mechanisms  The Systems
The Processes Rule of Law Natural Justice
The Distorteddia Machine Processed Programming:MPP What The Distorteddia Call Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Machination What The Distorteddia Calls Machine Learning
Hope As the Seed Sign and Science of Progress Faith Architectonics of Rationality
Grid of Learning Knowledge and Wisdom    
    Munayem Mayenin On Humanics As A School of Philosophy



For a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth









This Light















Munayem Mayenin: June 20: 2015

























  The Same Kite

Despite the diverging shapes frames and their variations
In which we come as we are formed to make our prints
Despite the coats of all that colours their shades textures
That we wear on which the genome carries on working

Geophysics the sun heat light gravity and the weather all
Sign their marks so that we change adapt go and grow
Despite our multitudinous tongues we speak in and sing
The same songs of sorrows same sonatas of wonders or joys

Despite the divergent themes dreams drives and strivings
At the core we are one one we are at the very central core
The core that cuts us to be the same kite in the heavens of

Our mother earth who sails her round blue boat lit aglow
By the sun and moon she marks her tiny sand-grain magic
Against the endless expanse of heavens where wonders sing

Munayem Mayenin: November 02:2015















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Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd is the First Ever Human Enterprise in the Sense of Humanics: A Social Enterprise: Not for Profit Company: No One Owns It or Takes Profit Out of It: The Foundation Works to Serve the Common Good of the One Common Humanity: Nor Can Anyone Change the Nature of The Foundation: The Foundation Aspires to Exist Flowing Through Time with the Ever-Developing, Ever-Progressing, Ever-Learning, Ever-Striving Humanity on Earth: The Nine-Step-Realm-Path: i: Imagination, ii. Prospectivity, iii: Tentativity, iv: Feasibility, v: Possibility, vi: Onwardineity, vii: Probability, viii: Certainty and ix: Reality: Humanics, Human Enterprise, Humanicsovics, Humanicsovicsopia, Humanical Society, The Humanion and all other ideas and concepts in all these and The Foundation began at Imagination and grew on travelling through this path and began 'becoming', which has now resulted in all these becoming a Reality: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd has been founded on Humanics: Humanics: All-For-One-One-For-All


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For A Better Human Condition For All Humanity Across Mother Earth

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